Why you need a pre-employment screening

What exactly is a pre-employment screening?

When you have decided to run a business, it is important that you select and hire the right people. It is not only a task for you to hire the exactly right people but it also has a great impact on your company’s future. It is your employee on whom you will be depended on for a comparatively larger time period.

A pre-employment screening helps you to check the background and any criminal based record of the employee. If you adopt this option, it will definitely help you to rebuild and provide a proper justification to your business. Everything starting from their criminal record, background check and educational qualification will be rightly justified for better purpose.

Why should you reconsider opting to pre-employment screening ?

There are a number of reasons why you should go for a background check and educational qualification. We have underlisted some of the effective benefits that it provides to the people in the following section.

  • To protect Brand and Organization

Developing a proper brand or image for a company is truly a nerve-wracking process. Thereby, it is always essential that you maintain a proper brand for the organization whatsoever. If by any chance the image of the brand falls it might affect the level of competition in the current market. Hiring the right candidate by proper pre-employment screening can be helpful on a long run

  • Saving both Money and time

Hiring a wrong employee, facing the consequences and then acting upon it with a new set of money can be both times taken and costly. A bad or wrong decision can severely affect your company’s reputation and management in the long run. A pre-employment screening, can help you to save your time from these challenges to a great extent

  • Confirmation of details

There are candidates and employees who tend to tamper with the data on their resume just to get selected for the job. Most of the time, these data’s are misleading just for the fact to make the hiring official puzzled. You can rightly dodge this situation by opting for a pre-employment screening, as it will definitely help you to confirm the details of the candidate rightly. Everything starting from credentials, technical certificates and employment history can be rightly analyzed through the process of pre-employment screening

  • Proving due diligence
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When you are hiring a new employee, it is important that you select the right one. If you are unable to find the actual candidate it might not only reduce your company’s benefit but would also create a setback for your other employees. If, by chance you hire an employee who has a severe criminal record, it could create an effect on your other employee to a certain level. Thereby it is your responsibility to hire someone who have a clean record from past companies

Learn about the types of pre-employment screening

Now, that you know the benefit of pre-employment screening, it is important that you analyses the several types of pre-employment screening. If you select a company for employment screening, you need to check the types of service that they provide on a daily basis. In most companies there are four definite types of services that are rightly available which includes the following

  • Criminal records check
  • Social security-based number verification
  • Credentialing and Verification
  • Public record-based searches

It is recommended that you analyses your needs according to your company’s record and then go for the service. This will help you to get the best assured result whatever and whichever circumstance. If you are not sure about the price rates, try asking the company’s consultant to guide you accordingly for better benefit and measure.