4 Quick Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

So, you decided to create a new blog in the Digital Era! I’ll be honest and let you know that it will be one of the most fulfilling, satisfying, enjoyable, frustrating, annoying, time-consuming things you will ever get into.

This is not to deter you at all. This is so you know ahead of time that you this journey will most likely lead you into some emotional up and downs. Especially through your learning curves. We can’t possibly know and be great at everything. Which can lead to some challenges in itself?

The good news is that you will continue to progress and become a better blogger over time. What once was a huge challenge to you, will one day become a quick fix. Until that time it is all about setting the right foundation.

There are many different ways people go about creating blogs. Creating a successful blog is another thing. These four principles are several things that bloggers can use to lay a strong foundation in their journey to grow a successful blog.

Step 1) Find Your Voice
This can be a challenge when first starting out. It is important that we find the unique message that we want to share. After you have found that message, adding your Unique Voice to your content will set you apart from the many blogs out there.

This is mainly accomplished by just continuing to write as often as possible. Your writing will evolve over time. You will notice that if you go back to your writings from a year ago, they will be completely different as your style continues to evolve.

In finding your voice will make:
1) Writing easier for you- You will be able to crank out longer more detailed post.

2) Help you stand out- Even if you are in a competitive niche, your personality will set you apart from the crowd.

3) Your readers connect with not just your content but ‘You’ as well- There are plenty of robotic type posts out there and your personality will cause readers to appreciate you and engage.

Step 2) Utilize The Right Social Media Channels For Your Blog
The next step would be finding the right places to share your message. The key is to share it with people who care about what you have to say. Social media marketing actually makes it easier than many think.

It is important starting out, not to focus on the numbers when it comes to your social media strategy. The numbers will come over time. Remember that 10,000 followers that are not really interested in what you have to share, is not as good as 1,000 followers that engage with and share your content on Free Article Sites.

This tip is where social media really comes to play with building your brand, driving traffic and building your followers on social media. Until your followers come, utilize the right Groups/ Communities as much as possible.

This is one key reason you don’t have to focus on the numbers right away. You can easily find Communities that are in your niche and share your content with thousands from day one.

Step 3) Build Relationships With Others In Your Niche
It’s not all about sharing the content that has been posted on your blog. It’s is about spreading your message and building solid relationships with others in your niche.

One of the top ways of accomplishing this is to Comment on Blogs. It’s all about adding value to the post and extending the conversation.

When using the commenting strategy, the focus should not be on gaining traffic, backlinks etc. This will come over time but building these connections with the blogger is what will pay off in the long run.

You will have relationships with people who will share your content, engage with your post, follow and engage with you on social media, link to you in their posts (backlinks) and so on.

Everything we ultimately want to achieve with our blogs can come from simply engaging with others in their space while being genuine at the same time.

Step 4) Your Moment Will Come
Your moment will come when you realize that you have actually created a successful blog, as long as you don’t ‘Give Up‘. So many blogs come and go before they really give themselves a true chance for success. Patience is one of the few things you can actually control in the blogging world.

Doing these things will get you there but you will have no idea when the moment will come.

Just focus on what you want to accomplish while:

1) Staying true to your message

2) Promoting your content regularly

3) Building relationships with others in your niche and

4) Working hard, while being patient

Work these four principles and everything else will fall into place. It will be an interesting journey. You will find things about blogging that makes your truly happy. You will also find things that can get really frustrating.

Blogging is a lifestyle for sure. Just be realistic about your goals. If you want to start a blog and can only devote 2 hours a day to start, don’t get discouraged when you are not getting the numbers that one of your favorite bloggers is getting. They may be able to devote 12 hours a day or more their blog daily.

What is the thing you fear most about How to start a blog?