6 Things to Know About Recovery After Knee Replacement

For many individuals who are experiencing severe pain or arthritis in their knees, a knee replacement surgery can drastically improve their quality of life. It could be an effective option if one has exhausted non-surgical options such as medications and injections but has seen no immense improvement. It can definitely be difficult to decide to undergo surgery. But if one is considering a knee replacement, one must know that with the use of less invasive techniques and surgical robots, surgery has become a lot easier for patients than it used to be, as the techniques the surgeon adopts result in less blood loss and a quick recovery. 

To provide readers with an in-depth understanding of a few things they must know when recovering from a knee replacement surgery, we have created this article. We tried taking references from expert orthopedic surgeons, like the surgeon at  Simpain Ortho. The clinic that is widely renowned for offering Knee Replacement Cost in Delhi at a competitive price. Towards the end of the post, we will also detail factors that affect the pricing of knee replacement surgery. 

Before we start discussing the recovery, let’s understand knee replacement surgery in detail.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee arthroplasty, also called a knee replacement, is a type of surgery done to cure knee pain and restore the functioning of the knee joints. Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis are often recommended to undergo this surgery. These individuals are those who have experienced knee pain or face difficulty in walking, running, or difficulty in getting up from their chairs. During this surgery, the surgeon cuts down the damaged cartilage and bone from the thigh bone or knee cap and replaces them with an artificial joint. This artificial joint is made up of high-grade plastics, metal alloys, and polymers.

Orthopedic surgeons determine the stability and strength to check if the individual is eligible for a knee replacement or not. X-rays are also performed to check the extent of the knee damage. The surgical procedure for knee replacement depends on the height, weight, and knee size of the patient.

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Important Things Related to Recovery

Here are a Few Things One Must Know About Recovery After a Knee Replacement Surgery 

  1. One Will Not Recover Overnight From the Surgery

Although there are several surgeries where an individual can recover quickly, knee replacement surgery is not one of those. It is a major procedure that requires anesthesia and involves cutting away damaged bone and cartilage. The recovery time from knee replacement surgery requires time. It is also vital that one plan for ample time for complete bed rest and follow the instructions advised by the surgeon to minimize the chances of any complications. 

  1. One Needs to Make Some Arrangements at Home

Before one returns home from a knee replacement surgery, they need to ensure the floor is clear of power cords and clutters. For a few weeks, one is likely to feel tired. Placing items such as remotes, books, puzzles, medications, tissues, etc., near the bed will reduce the chances of accidents or injury.

  1. The Key to a Successful Knee Replacement Surgery is Physical Therapy

The physical therapy program begins with light exercises after the surgery, which helps to improve the range of motion. Post-surgery, the physical therapist will help the patient in transferring in and out of bed and will help them stand straight with the use of a walker. While returning home, the patient will be advised to participate in physical therapies that will help them build strength and prevent complications, too. 

  1. Medications Should Not Be Skipped

Pain medications are a vital part of knee replacement surgery. But at times, one may think of not taking medication, thinking that they have fully recovered. This could backfire by making it challenging for the patient to perform physical therapy exercises. If one is not comfortable with the pain medication they have been prescribed, they need to consult their surgeon about other alternatives. 

  1. One May Require Some Extra Help

After a knee replacement surgery, the best thing that can be done besides following the instructions is to take ample time to rest. This could mean taking the help of family members to take over the chores for a few weeks so that the patient can focus on their healing. If one lives alone, they may ask a friend to stay with them or help them hire a caretaker who assists in getting up and down the stairs. 

  1. Tips for Recovery Quickly

Many patients who undergo knee replacement surgery are not ready to return home. For such instances, a nursing facility offers a safe environment for short-term rehabilitation and several services that assist in quicker recovery. Besides 24-hour nursing care, the patient receives physical therapy services, assistance with daily tasks, healthy meals, and an opportunity to participate in different activities. The goal of rehabilitation at a nursing facility is to get patients back to their normal routine so that they return home as soon as possible. 

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