A beginners guide to piano lessons in Brooklyn

If you are planning to join piano lessons in Brooklyn, it is always good to know the basics of a piano lesson. You are likely to feel overwhelmed if you are sitting behind a piano for the first time. With the equipment having 88 notes, you may feel confused about where to start. The starting point for learning how to play a piano is known as Middle C.

piano lessons in Brooklyn

After discovering Middle C, you will need to know the C Major scale. This is easy to find as it is made of up of all the white keys. So, you will need to begin playing the white keys beginning with Middle C. Immediately after middle C is middle D. As you move to the right, you will be playing E, F, G, A before returning back to C. The C that is usually at this end is usually an octave higher than the Middle C where you started. All these notes are what is referred to as C major scale. It is not necessarily that the scale will need to start at the Middle C.  It can start and even end at any part of the C in the keyboard.

After understanding the scale, you will already have an important building block for the music. The scales are commonly used to create melodies and also construct chords. A chord consists of 3 or more notes that are played at the same time. You will need to play the Middle C again. After this, you should skip one note before playing E. You can then skip another note before Playing a G. All these notes are what is referred to as the triad and it means there are 3 notes in it. Now that you understand the notes in the C chord, you will need to play them all at the same time.

When you join piano classes in NYC, your teacher will tell you that with just one key, music can prove to be very boring. Therefore, you will need to understand the other chords that you can play using white keys. We can begin that with F chord. You can hit the F key and follow a similar pattern with what we followed with C chord. You can skip a note and move to A before skipping another and moving to C. When you play all these notes together, what you will have is the F chord.

After this, you will need to understand how to play the G chord. You may now already have an idea that you will need to start playing the G chord on G key. From this key, you can skip a note and move to B. Skip another note and move to D. When you play all these notes at the same time, you will have learned the 3 chords.

When these notes are played in order, you will realize that they will have a choppy sound. You can smooth the sound using what is known as chord inversions. You can then play the C chord. By keeping the fingers in C, you can move the other 2 and play F note and A note. Consider all notes you have played. These were C, F and A. Bear in mind that an F chord consists of notes F, A and C. To learn more, you will need to join piano lessons nyc.