Choosing trendy Abaya Designs

It is the desire of every woman to be with the current fashion trend and to wear the latest designer clothes and to become the talk of the town. The Abayas are considered to be both blends of modesty and fashion and is loved by both traditional and modern women belonging to the Islamic community.


An excellent dress code

Every religion is known to have its very own dress code. Women of the Islamic sect require wearing an only modest dress. The hijab and the abaya are regarded to be among the popular apparel for women of this sect. these dresses are known to define the attire of the Muslim women. Even though the Abaya can be termed to be conservative clothing, this attire is said not to lackluster. The modern styles and designs are said to provide opportunities to women towards showcasing their personal styles and preferences. This can be achieved without them showing any kind of disrespect to their religion and beliefs. The best abaya maxi dresses online is sure proving to be a wonderful choice for all modern women.

What is the abaya?

It is regarded to be a long, loose-fitting, long sleeve and robe that has been designed creatively and worn over normal clothing. This dress tends to resemble caftan in design and is generally paired with headscarf known as a hijab. It is a cloak like a garment that comes with different names. This again depends upon the country the person belongs to. In Iran, it is called Chador, while in South Asia, it is called Burqa.

Color options

All abayas traditionally are created from black colored fabrics. In the majority of the Muslim countries, black is considered to be the favored color. These days, the abayas are available in wide range of interesting, modest colors, without attracting unnecessary attention. Earthy tones are mostly preferred by women over bold colors. Besides solid colors, experiments are also carried out with printed fabrics.

Style and fit

The abaya is to fit the entire arm length. Even though not much can be done with its length, tailoring sleeves can be found in different shapes. They can also be found in various ranges of luxurious and basic designs. Most are created in a straight fit, ranging from bottom to top. Some are fitted at lower and higher waist. They can be found stitched in this particular style or simply feature separate belt or sash to fit around waist region. Also, are found designs having high collars and flare fit.

Fabric choices

These are created in different types of light fabrics like georgette silk, crepe, cotton, rayon, chiffon, and silk. Chiffon and silk offer the best looks due to its luxuriant and rich fabrics. The right one can be selected to derive highest comfort level. Choosing online formal abaya stores can help the person to get designer, quality apparel at affordable rates. The modern style abayas do come with trendy looking embroidery and embellishments. Shoppers can get discounted rate abaya apparel of different designs at the leading online shopping portals.