Explore the Wonders of Gadgets without Any Hitch

If you are a person who is tech-savvy, you must be having a lot of love for these gadgets. Well, do you own an iPhone?  Have you ever tried to play with it literally? Exactly, whether you are a basic user or an advanced user; you should never stop playing with your device. The MOR you play and experiment with your electronic device, the better you would know it.

Even if your iPhone gets spoiled while exploring, that is fine. You can get IPhone phone repair easily. There are professionals who can help you in fixing your gadget issues with ease. They have adroitness and knowledge to make sure that your device works again with full swing. You can start exploring and experimenting with your iPhone right away. Below are some suggestions to get started:

Landscape Mode

Are you capturing a video? Then turn your iPhone into landscape mode before you get started with filming. Not just will you end up with clips that appear better on the phone, but when you play them back later by making use of  Apple TV, Mac, or even iPad, they would look better there too. It all would take place without any letterbox effect.


It is a well-known tip that means your flashlight is going to flash when you get a call.  You can enable this features in Settings>General>Accessibility and tap LED Flash for Alerts toon. Once you have done these settings; you can experience the needed desires.

Take Siri

By this time you must know about Siri right?  This fellow can do so much. Amidst its plenty of talents, it is going to launch any application you have installed on the iPhone. You just have to ask it to open the specific app. You can even ask it to open the Settings on your behalf. Remember why to get into the procedures of going to a specific setting and then open app when Siri keeps you covered everywhere? It would do it all for you that too without any issue.

Quick charging

When you are trapped in a situation wherein you have only a couple of moments to charge up iPhone, for example, you might be about to start out for a meeting or you are just going to take a bus; your device is going to recharge a whole lot faster in case you switch it to Airplane Mode before you link it to power. You have no clue how quickly it can get charged in such a situation.

Try apple turnover

If you want to silence your Siri and Notifications when you are in a meeting, there is an easy way. You can simply turn your iPhone face down and there the proximity sensor is going to keep them quiet. If you don’t agree, try it out yourself and you would see the results.


Thus, the point is you need to have fun in doing anything. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you should keep exploring and experimenting with your device. You can make the most of your device or gadget once you try finding out more. Even if you stuck sometimes, you can always talk to professionals for a repair.