How A Fingerprint-Recognition Attendance System Works

In a Fingerprint-Recognition Attendance System, attendance can be marked with a single scan of the fingers. In today’s ever-evolving world, physical thievery is no longer an only means of thievery. Things like identity thefts and credit card frauds have become very common. But worry not, as we also have biometric technology on the rescue mission to counter any such security threats. The biometrics technology ensures security in every aspect! In simple words, it guarantees a person a peaceful, stress less and sound sleep if his/her belongings are protected with this technology.

How The Fingerprint-Recognition System Works?

The Fingerprint-recognition Attendance System is the most widely applied Biometric Attendance System that comes handy in almost every institution be-it small, medium or a big.

A finger scanning biometric device consists of

(a) A scanning device.
(b) Software that helps to convert the scanned image into digital data and then compare match points.
(c) A database to store the biometric data of your employees to be able to compare when required.

Such data encrypts as soon as gathered, thus preventing any scope of identity thefts. To be able to convert the biometric input, a software application makes user specific point identification of data like match points. Then, such match points in the previously created database use an algorithm to decode that information into a numeric value. Such database value is then compared to the biometric input entered by the user into the scanner. Then if it matches, the authentication is approved.

Attendance Management System
Managing attendance records of employees of any organization, whether big or small, is a dreary and tiresome task. Usually, the attendance management process of employees can broadly be classified into either conventional or automated methods. Conventional methods are all about time sheets, punch cards, attendance registers, etc. Automated methods usually use barcode attendance systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), magnetic stripe attendance system, or different types of biometric attendance system.

To make such a task easier, automatic and online, the use of fingerprints is a highly efficient way! This will not only save time and effort but also be environment-friendly as paper use will be next to negligible. Such biometric attendance system is used to make note of each and every person wishing to enter into your organization. It checks the authenticity of who actually the person he/she claims to be. And for such checking, the fingerprints of the person are used. A biometric attendance system records a person’s attendance, time-in / time-out, leaves, late comings/ early exits, break timings, etc. in short, it records every physical activity of an employee.

Top 10 Benefits of Fingerprint-Recognition Attendance System

Saves time.
Is accurate and highly reliable.
User-friendly as it is very easy to use for both parties- HR and employees.
Highly secure.
Leaves no scope for fraudulent practices like buddy patching.
Can be equally useful for both small and large organizations. A database is capable of storing up to 30,000 records with ease.
Easy to manage employees when there are different departments and multiple shifts timings and such things are often changed.
Easy operation as data is collected with just a single touch.
Makes data extraction and computing easier as data is available on a real-time basis.
Solves a bunch of time tracking issues.

An advent and easy availability of a fingerprint-based biometric time attendance system is one of the best things that has happened in the field of workforce management. This excellent advancement has made the whole scenario more reliable and quick. The authenticity of a fingerprint can hardly be breached with fake fingerprints. So replacing all electronically or physically handled time-sheets with a Fingerprint recognition attendance system is surely an excellent move and is sure to help the company prosper. In times to come, fingerprint scanning can be taken to the bigger forums, or other biometric enhancements like DNA sequences, facial patterns!

CuckooTech Attendance solution
CuckooTech provides the best biometric devices and software solutions that are sure to make your professional life easier! CuckooTech offers multi recognition technology that can effortlessly detect a fake finger impression from a live one. Our automatic finger scanner is quick to scan, easy to use and accurate in giving outputs. Our customized smart technology software allows attendance managers of an organization to actually decide on the levels of authentications across the organization. For departments requiring higher levels of security features, we also give you a choice of setting multiple authentication combinations. Such combinations could be entirely your choice like the only card, card + PIN, finger + PIN, face + PIN, & loads of such combinations.