How Can A Plumber Help You Save Money?

Since the dawn of mankind, water has always flowed in and out of human settlements in various forms. Except for the cave ancestors. In fact, you find evidence of the earliest forms of water supply in the Great Roman Empire. The evidence points to one fact – plumbing services are as old as carpentry.

Plumbing services is an essential part of any building, be it a home or office. The plumbing network in a home resembles the vascular system of a human body. At least, that is what the home improvement experts say. Through the plumbing system, water flows into your house. You use water for various purposes. Water bills are an essential part of the expense of a house in any country.

But, do you know that the ever reliable and trustworthy plumber can help save money? NO! Are you surprised? Well, don’t be. You can hire the services of an experienced plumber to not only save water but also cut down on water bills.

Upon your request, the plumber can offer suggestions on –

  1. Tub Faucets/Sink Taps/Shower Heads: Where do you find the most number of water wastage in your home? In bathrooms, taps, shower heads and faucets? Did you nod your head in approval? For a small cost in your wallet, the plumber can change and put new fixtures in place. But rest assured, you save water but not deprived of comfort on many levels.  Please compare the differences. A normal shower head has the capability to handle 9 liters of water every minute. Compared to statistics, it amounts of 90 liters of water in a ten-minute shower. Now, did you get a brainwave?. The experienced plumber will install a new shower head that can give only 7.6 liters of water per minute. So consider the reduction in costs and saving of water in a year. Did we miss the term “comfort”? The new showerhead offers the SAME level of coverage and water pressure.

Top Value – Are you ready for more changes? Upgrade to a recent version of rainfall shower head with built-in flow restrictors. The change will give an array of benefits such as coverage on a wide diameter.

  1. Remodeling of Bathtub/ Replacement of Sinks: Before two decades, luxury in the bathroom meant a standalone shower and large soaker tub. But, at present, these models give rise to more water waste. If you have more children in your family, and they play in the bathtub very often, imagine the hike in water bill.  You can remodel the bathtub with a smaller one and make room for designs. Is the bathroom sink of the old type? Does it cover a large area? Imagine the water used for cleaning the large sink. Also, keep an eye on the taps and the various joints in the sink. Ensure a drop of water is not wasted and make use of quality plugs to prevent leaks. But, the plumber can install a new small version of the sink. The new model will contribute to your saving of water and in return, you get a low water bill.
  1. Take Care Of Leaks In The Least Possible Time: Many of the common plumbing problems are clogs, leaks, and faults in the sewer system. IF caught in an unexpected situation, they will amount to waste of time and also cause a dent in the wallet.  These leaks account for more water waste, if left neglected for long time. Fix them early and save yourself from high water bills. For regular inspections, hire a qualified plumbing professional. He can identify and rectify potential small issues that can change to major problems.
  1. Toilets: Is your bathroom filled with a low flow toilet? No, Then do the conversion immediately. Toilets of high efficiency use less amount of water than the old traditional models. They use six liters of water as compared to 13.2 liters. Imagine the savings of a large family with ten members. In a year, they stand to save more than 90 liters of water with recent low flow models than older toilet versions.

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There are also house owners who prefer only a dual flush toilet. These models use less water when compared to low flow models. These models come in 4 liters and 6 liters. So two liters of water gets saved per person in a family. Every day. The only difference is in the price. They are expensive than the low flow models and old toilet versions. But opting for the dual flush model is a smart investment. The difference in price gets equalized when you get low water bills for years. In fact, you make profits.

Conclusion: In recent times, water as well sewer costs are on the rise, and doing your bit for the environment is essential. Take the initiative and reap the benefits of qualified plumbers today.