Jio Business Model

Reliance Jio, A well established 4G mobile network became success line within very short time periods. Though there were a lot of such network that operated like uninor, tata docomo etc but their effort was a big failure since they cannot compete with the biggest brands, ever biggest brands in the market like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL etc.

At the time, Jio introduced in India. The new technology 4G VoLTE network that these biggest brands not providing. High quality services along with free offers in the first few months for all their customers. So many blamed they are fooling the users by providing free offers and will get a bill when some months gone. Jio provided high quality 4G network, 4G speed for the users. Here in this post, we look at the strategies Jio on fire to be the success lines within very limited period.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Unique selling point is the strategy Jio uses to gain millions of customers within a short time. Jio provided 4G VoLTE in high speed for free to their customers. They gave the free subscription of high speed 4G internet along with unlimited voice calls, and sms. They provided free for the first 6 months. While the users are using 3G network of other competitive brands, Jio introduced the 4G VoLTE. Their all the towers are 4G VoLTE while other companies only started their upgrade to 4G very slowly.

So many users looked at these offers with a doubt. Why jio giving all users free? But for a small amount , almost many customers joined jio by purchasing Jio SIM card. It is worth for all those who don’t care about their mobile recharge for the next 6 months when they buy a Jio SIM with one time charge. So Jio absorb many customers.

When compared to the previous data speed, customers began to enjoy high speed data in 4G, no issue while watching youtube videos. No any streaming issues, when downloading large files, requires only small time etc makes everyone awesome with Jio network. Then after the first 6 months periods, they began to use the same Jio their main mobile number. From the report, in last financial year, Idea-vodafone merge company lost almost 10 crores of their loyal customers which is a huge count.

Unique Smartphone Apps

With bunches of smartphones that are very useful for the customers, Jio provided them for their customers free. Some of the apps were the services that are available only premium when users seeks other such apps like JioTv, JioMusic, JioCinema etc. But jio gives access to these apps for free. Not only these, but there are some more jio apps (my jio app) available exclusively for them. Very helpful for customers. By just having Jio data recharge, the users can be able to enjoy all their smartphone related services for free. There is no any other mobile network company providing so many apps for their users, If they provide the users want to make a premium subscription to enjoy.

Apps falls in various categories like entertainment, online contest, news, social chatting, online and jio management app (MyJIo app), music app etc are available.

Merge with biggest brands to provide better service for the customers

Jio wants to give better service for their users. So they have made tie up with some of the biggest brands in India to expand the services. Recently, JioMusic merged with the biggest online music brand Saavn and make a new brand JioSaavn. Now both the music library combined to form a bigger music library. This was a huge movement in India digital music industry.

No disconnection data

Unlike other companies, Jio will never make complete disconnection from their data pack of any user. Instead, Jio limits the speed of the network to 2G speed so that the users can make simple browsing, and via their online recharge app myjio, the user can recharge any offers to their own and other jio numbers. Other companies will disconnect the data at the point of time they reaches the offer time.

All these features make jio most popular brand in India. Now their customers count is still growing big. Jio also going to make a big movements in FTTH broadband named Jio GigaFiber, Jio IPTV, and DTH sector soon. Jio broadband has already launched and waiting for other services soon.