Latest Gold Bangles Designs 2019

Bangles never go out of trend and always compliment your dress. The thing is just that it should be matching with your outfit. This jewelry ornament adds charm to your look. Today days there are many online sites that offers great 22k gold bangles designs with price. Whether you go for a traditional or modern look without bangles they will look incomplete. So here are some latest bangles designs that will not make your look complete but also charm it with their beauty:

  1. Thin Square shaped gold bangles:

Talking about modern women they don’t like bulky or heavy designs. They want their accessory to be simple and graceful and these thin square-shaped bangles are the best option for them. They look beautiful with their office outfit, for small parties, office functions or kitty parties or family get together. They also go best with western dresses and salwar suits giving you a modern look.

  1. Thin round gold bangle set:

Set of 6 or 12 thin round gold bangles looks extremely graceful. They are suitable for all age group and can be used for daily as well as for functional purposes. These designs are not too heavy and can be matched with your office look. There number could be selected according to your choice and pocket. Whether you are working women or a housewife they will look best on you.

  1. Single heavy gold bangle:

It is single piece of bangle that is heavy and gives a look traditional look. It goes best with your traditional outfit with sarees and salwar suits. They are best for family functions, marriages, family get together. Varieties of designs are available in them according to their shape and weight. You can choose according to your pocket and choice.

  1. Gold and diamond bangles:

Diamonds are women best friends and they add more grace to a woman look. Gold and diamond makes a great combination. A large variety of designs are available in gold and diamond bangles varying in shape and weight of the bangle. Floral diamond gold bangle designs are in great trend. These bangles go best with your traditional as well as modern look. They could be made heavy or in sleek designs according to your choice.

  1. Ancient heavy gold bangles:

These were worn by ranis and maharanis in ancient times and now again are in fashion. They give an extremely rich look to your traditional outfit. They add royal look to your outfit and also goes best with the bridal look. Kundans and ghunghroos can be added to them to make them look more rich and heavy.

  1. Animal shaped gold bangles:

Snake-shaped bangles or fish-shaped bangles or bangles with a tortoise on top are in great trends. They gives your outfit a modern look and add style to your outfit. They go best with same animal shaped rings. Many of gold ring designs for girls are available with these animal look bangles. They act as style statement are available in different shapes and weights according to your choice.