Finding the Best Office Space for Your Business

Finding the right office space can be a herculean task as there are multiple factors which need to be taken care of. Right from the location to availability of all facilities within the budget can become quite a challenge. However, there are certain established brand names which you can trust enough for yourself. These names have developed their brand images by providing excellent services to their clients. One such reputed name is, Chandak Builders.

Chandak Builders: Who are they?

Chandak builders are one name that has established itself from the roots and is now among the industry leaders. It is a Mumbai based real estate development company which has constructed and transformed more than 4 million sq ft+ area spanning across all major localities of Mumbai. From residential houses to commercial office spaces, they have an outstanding record of constructing the dreams of their clients. Since 1986, the Chandak group has successfully fulfilled the dreams of over 4000 families by providing them their dream homes and office spaces.

What makes an office space ideal?

The type of office space you own usually has a huge impact on your clients as well as employees. Studies have shown that a dull working environment can reduce the morale of employees. And you would surely not want that to happen! Below are some of the points which you should keep in mind while choosing or creating your work area:

1.Design influences culture: The design you choose should reflect the values of your business. The place should be spacious as you would surely not want people bumping into each other. Moreover, people are your biggest assets and when you spend huge amounts in the recruitment process, you should know that the work area affects their retention in the company.

2.Interesting: If your office space reflects boredom, your employees would probably want to leave your organization. However, if you set up some entertainment activities or put up food outlets, it would help ensure less boredom. Your staff should know that they don’t have to be stuck to the desks for 8-9 hours continuously. Interesting things at your office would show that you care about your employees and this would boost their morale and enhance their productivity.

3.Modern and at par industry benchmarks: you would not want your best brains to be poached by your competitors because of their better work environments. Hence, the cost of creating a good office should be considered as a kind of investment in staff. Your design and décor should match the standards of the industry.

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4.Budget constraints should be kept in mind: while creating an ideal office space you should not just empty all your treasuries as the business needs funding for running as well. You should plan your purchase well. Taking expert guidance at this point might be of great help. There are real estate owners who create commercial spaces for all budgets. You should try to stay within the budgetary constraints to avoid any later regrets.

An ideal upcoming project: Chambers by Chandak Group in Andheri-

Chambers by the Chandak group is one of the most trusted Builders in Mumbai which offers the most awaited commercial projects in the bustling city of Andheri. This uniquely designed space is strategically located, as it’s just minutes away from the Western express highway, Andheri Railway station, and Western Express Highway metro station. It has all the needed facilities such as hospitals and entertainment outlets within close proximity. And just like any other project by Chandak group, these office spaces in Andheri have the best design and quality. It will surely fulfill all the dreams of your clients.

Some other popular constructions by Chandak builders:

1.Chandan Next- Borivali

2.Worli cornerstone- Worli

3.Stella- Goregaon W

4.49 Ideal- Juhu

These projects have ensured that the name and fame of Chandak builders stay the same and they are amongst the top real estate developers in Mumbai.


The office space you choose will have a long term bearing on your business as well as your employees. There are certain basic goals which every business tends to achieve with the right working space-

a.Attracting and recruiting fresh brains

b.Promoting innovation at work

c.Keeping real estate costs down

Your ideal office space should be able to achieve all the aforementioned objectives easily.

If you are looking for the right Office Space in Andheri, you should definitely check out the ones created by Chandak group. They have been an industry leader and would definitely not disappoint you in any manner. You can find a place that would fit in your budget and would be an epitome of quality.