The motor trade needs to become more diverse. Here’s why

Some may think that the motor trade is just about vehicles, but a report from international management consultancy, McKinsey, has found businesses with greater ethnic and racial diversity also generate bigger profits. McKinsey discovered that a 10 per cent increase in diversity of senior management translated into a boost of 3.5 per cent in earnings before taxes and interest.

Half the population is female

The rate of car ownership by women has increased by nearly three times as much as the rate car ownership by men, since 1996. When women want to buy a car, they want to see some female staff in the vehicle dealership, whether selling vehicles or working in other roles. For more on the lack of women in the automotive industry, see this report in The Guardian.

Women have also reported that if they go into a dealership accompanied by a man, then staff often do not acknowledge them and only speak to the man present. This is clearly an attitude that is not going to secure more sales.


Changing markets

The very nature of selling vehicles is changing, and female staff bring different skills and talents to this. Highly developed interpersonal skills are always a benefit in dealing with a wide range of customers.

Clients may also be more diverse ethnically, so having employees that reflect the more multicultural make-up of the UK today should also make more customers feel welcome. Potential car buyers today are looking for good deals, but also a rewarding experience, good service and confidence in after-sales care.

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The world is constantly changing, and the traditional image of the man of the house buying a car to chauffeur his family around is not applicable any more. All sorts of people want cars for all sorts of reasons, and not only do they want to be treated with respect, they expect to be valued for their custom. For example, plenty of women today know just as much about cars as men and if they are patronised, they will simply go elsewhere DigitalTrap.