Tips to Celebrate Karva Chauth By Maintaining Social Distancing

Karva Chauth is a very special occasion for Indian married women. Women fast from the time of sunrise to the rise of the moon praying for the long life of their husbands. The fast is broken only after sighting the moon. The husbands feed their wives with water and sweets after the completion of pooja when the moon rises.

Karva Chauth fast is considered to be the most strict fast as women do not consume any type of food, fruits, or even water until the moon is sighted. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the lifestyle of people has been affected adversely. Since social distancing is the only potential measure to fight the Coronavirus, it has become obligatory to stay at home and follow all the precautionary measures so that we and our family members stay safe and healthy.

Celebrating festivals like before is not possible, hence if you are wondering how you can celebrate Karva Chauth with the same happiness, joy, and enthusiasm while maintaining social distancing here is the answer.

Purchase Karva Chauth items online:

The development of technology has made it convenient for us to order anything from anywhere in the world by sitting at the comfort of our own home. You can stay safe at home by ordering the Karva Chauth essentials like the Karwa Chauth thali, Karva Chauth thali cover, Channi, or the whole set of Karva Chauth essentials which includes, Channi, Potli, thali, thali cover, Diya etc. Online shopping saves your form the hassle of stepping out of home, visiting every shop in the local markets to buy your ideal Karva Chauth essentials. It also saves you time and effort.

There are a lot of online stores that specifically sell Karva Chauth essentials and gifts. You can explore the huge collection of beautifully designed Karva Chauth items and pick the best ones that interest you. For the safety of your family and yourself, it is better to get these items delivered to your doorstep safely.

Prepare sweets at home: 

Since women fast from sunrise to the moonrise, the fast it always ends with offering prayers to Lord Shiva and eating sweets, you can prepare some simple and easy sweets at your home instead of stepping out to purchase the sweets. During the pandemic, it is suggested to have healthy and home-made food instead of ordering food from restaurants or dine out. Ensure that you do not step out of your home to purchase Karva Chauth thali, sweets, etc, or invite anyone at your place to celebrate Karva Chauth. This year, prioritize your safety and celebrate with your family alone.

Plan for a virtual celebration:

The advancement of technology has again made our lives much easier by connecting us to our distant family members, friends, and relatives virtually. If you miss celebrating this auspicious occasion with your family, friends, or relatives, you can easily plan for a virtual celebration which can bring equal happiness, joy and keep the spirit of celebration alive.

Virtual celebrations are the best way to stay at home safe while enjoying the occasion completely along with your loved ones. There are multiple virtual communication applications that can be used to celebrate this special festival of women.

Send gifts:

In case you stay away from your husband/wife, you can convey your love and happiness by sending them. This not only helps in giving a personalised touch to the celebration but also breaks the barrier of distance. As mentioned above, you can plan a virtual celebration and send your partner some amazing Karva Chauth Gifts at your convenience. The items will be delivered directly to their address safely.

The outbreak of this deadly virus COVID-19 has made it mandatory to stay at home for the safety of our family and others. Although the festivals will be celebrated differently, they can still be celebrated with the same enthusiasm and happiness while maintaining social distancing. Stay home and stay safe!