Tips to Enhance Immunity in the Elderly

In your human life, your happiness can be measured by ownership of many aspects. For example, wealth, cars and home etc. But the most important is health. Have you not heard the statement – Health is wealth. In the 20s and 30s, ou rarely focuses on health. But after your crossed forty, you have to follow a strategy to remain in the best of health. In this article, you are given information on foods which can boost immunity in the elderly.

tips to enhance immunity in elder persons

Are you a person who has just crossed sixty? For the past thirty years, were you working in a company that specializes in home repair services? Now past your prime, you have decided to have a healthy immune body that does not easily catch simple diseases such as cold and fever.

You do not have to fear a cold or fever in the mid-30s, but in the mid-50s, it can become a complicated process. In case of flu-related diseases, it can quickly lead to pneumonia and then to a dangerous situation.

But there are steps to prevent reduction of immunity in your body. In this article, information is given on the natural methods to boost immunity.

Tips to Enhance Immunity

  1. Food –

The main reason for reduction in immunity is malnutrition which leads to the infection risk. Some effects of malnutrition can be seen in low body-weight, losing of muscle mass, dermatitis, thinning of air etc. In case of psychological factors, it can lead to symptoms such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anger and dizziness. If you do not like non-vegetarian food, then you can include super-foods such as kale, avocados, broccoli, beans, nuts, and mushrooms. The other natural foods are fruits containing zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin C & E. Also ensure you maintain a low fat diet that includes grains. You can also take supplements such as probiotics, ginseng and include them in the diet.

Maintain a diary on your allergies. Is your body allergic to sulphur- containing foods? Then research on the internet and write down the foods that contain sulphur. In a party, you can forsake the similar foods and remain a healthy individual.

  1. Exercise

Any exercise, practiced consistently enhances good circulation of blood and promotes a healthy heart. A fit body will have a relaxed body and mind. If you are a person above sixty, ensure you do the cycle rides, participate in yoga classes and walks. A workout enhances the immunity of the body and wards off simple infections.

Do you exercise daily? Then you can continue your daily schedule of exercise. But starting to exercise after the age of sixty, can give rise to complications. Seek the services of a physician to gain knowledge on the exercises you can implement in the fitness regime. For example, if you have high blood pressure, it is advisable not to lift weights nor indulge in long time running activities.

  1. Stress

As per medical reports, stress is linked with a number of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach problems, depression etc. Ensure you always maintain a positive attitude. Stress can play havoc in your immunity system.

  1. Sleep

Estimates point that you spend one fourth of your life in sleep. But it is a vital factor – sleep helps us get relaxation and gives us healing properties. As a senior, you should sleep at least for seven to eight hours a day. Not getting sleep after hitting the bed? Avoid caffeine consumption during the evening hours.

5.   Hydrated

As a family elder, you tend to lose interest in drinking water. However, it is mandatory you drink at least eight to nine glasses of fluid a day to ensure proper blood circulation in the body.


If you are old, that does not mean you have to fall ill. You may have health problems but being immobile and showing negative feelings can take a toll on your health.

It is inevitable, in the journey of life to catch a few colds and fever, but stay guarded. Do not smoke or drink when you become sick. Cultivating good habits and promoting happiness within the family can make you get the most valuable moments of your life.

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