Types of ceiling fans to install

Fans are an essential in every household when it comes to summer countries like India. There are plenty of shapes and sizes and styles of ceiling fans are available in the market and one should pick their own style.

One can buy ceiling fans online India but before that one needs to find out about the varieties that are available and also consider some important things like the room lighting, the ceiling height and the location where the fan will be installed. Here are some varieties from which one can choose.

Standard Ceiling Fans

These are mainly flat or mount or sloped ceiling fans which have a down rod and a metal pipe that can connect the motor of the house to that of the mounting bracket. This can also allow the fan blades to hang more than 7 feet above the floor of the room which is very much required. But these fans can only be installed in a room which has a ceiling that is at least 8 feet higher than the floor.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

They are also named as hugger ceiling fans or the flush amount ceiling fans and they can be installed directly with the mounting bracket. It can secure the fan against the ceiling of the room. These fans are mainly installed where the ceiling height of the room is less than 8 feet.

Ceiling Fans with Lights

They actually serve two purposes. One is it serves as a ceiling fan and it also serve as an overhead light fixtures. Here the integrated lights that are used are mainly compatible with halogen, incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. They can actually direct the lighting up and down but that depends completely with the design of the glass shade. The glass shades are also available in a good range of colours and style which can also complement the fan.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

These fans mainly include moisture resistant housing motors and the blades are also all weather compatible. This category of ceiling fans are mainly classified into 2 categories. One is the UL rated wet ceiling fans and the other is the UL rated damp ceiling fans. They mainly have palm leaf or bamboo made leaves. The damp ceiling fans can easily withstand moisture and humidity and they are covered with porches and patios. Wet ceiling fans can easily hold up to the oceans, rain, snow and so that they can be easily installed in any wet locations

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

They are mainly energy efficient ceiling fans which have aerodynamic blades. These fans lose less energy and they are at least 25 percent more efficient than that of the regular and standard ceiling fans.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

They can be installed both in indoor and outdoor spaces and they are very much adjustable. They are supported by horizontal rods and they are actually unique ceiling fans. One can also buy designer ceiling fans online and they can install them in living rooms and portico where they look really stylish.