Virat Kohli will attend the pre-departure press conference

Virat Kohli spoke in the pre-departure press conference yesterday. The Men in Blue are bound to the United States to play their first T20Is against the West Indies. Responding to questions about the recent issues, the Indian team captain shuts down the rumors that are trending in the cricket community and the media, calling it as ‘baffling’ and ‘ridiculous’. 

“In my opinion, it’s baffling. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read these kinds of stuff, that comes out there. I have been to public events where we have been praised and here we are feeding off lies, overlooking facts, turning a blind eye to all good things that happened and creating fantasies and scenarios in our head. We want to accept that this is the truth,” the skipper said. 

The issue was added fuel when Rohit unfollowed Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma on Instagram. The team captain’s spouse posted an Instagram story that somehow links to the issue which was later deleted.

Kohli said that it can be seen on his behavior if he doesn’t like a person. He always praised Rohit for his hard work and performance, and clearly, they have no issues. 

The skipper expressed his disappointment towards the issue. “I don’t know who is benefitting from this. We are getting Indian cricket on top and some people are trying to bring it down.” 

Kohli insisted that they wouldn’t have performed consistently if the environment in the dressing room is not well. Their journey to the top wouldn’t have been possible because of their team’s camaraderie. 

Moving on from the rumors, Virat Kohli discussed the new players who are included in the squads by the selectors. He praised the potential they’ve shown in some cricket tournaments like the Indian Premier League. It is a great opportunity for those players to take part in the tour, as they can contribute to the team to win. 

The Indian Cricket Team’s tour in the West Indies will kick-off with two T20Is in Florida. The third T20I match will be held in the Providence Stadium in Guyana. For more cricket information, visit Betwala! You can check out the latest cricket odds and live score feature.