What are the Types and Purpose of the Liposuction?

Liposuction is known as the removal of excess body fat through suction, with the purpose of improving body appearance and correcting irregular contours.

To achieve this, it works through small incisions at key points of the body. The areas where liposuction can be worked on include upper arms, neck, hips, back, upper breasts, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

What are the Types of Liposuction are available?


Conventional liposuction is the best known to all, in which small incisions are made through which very thin cannulas are inserted that connect to a vacuum cleaner and suck up excess fat.


This type of liposuction is supported by a new technology that uses ultrasonic waves to melt fat selectively since the nervous, connective and vascular tissue remains intact. This procedure provides faster recovery and reduces the chance of bruising and complications from excessive bleeding.

Specialists prefer this type of liposuction to treat small or hard to reach areas. One of the advantages provided by this method is that laser energy stimulates the production of collagen, helping to prevent the skin from hanging after the procedure is over.


It works using a metal probe through an incision, which causes heat through energy, thus destroying fat cells. This process can help eliminate fat from dense and fibrous areas of the body, such as the upper back, and is often used in conjunction with conventional liposuction for more accurate results.

Understand what the Purpose of Liposuction is

It is important to mention that liposuction is not a treatment to combat obesity but to improve the contour and proportion of the figure. Nor can it be used to treat cellulite or certain areas of the body such as fat next to the breasts, as they are very prone to cancer.

It is not a technique to lose weight: although secondarily we lose weight, the ultimate goal is to modify the amount of fat in each area of the body, or in other words, modify the location of fat deposits in the body. We will never accumulate so much fat in previously liposuctioned areas no matter how much we gain weight. The classic paradigm of liposuction is the thin girl that accumulates all the body fat in the holsters. Once liposuctioned, when fattening, the fat will be distributed homogeneously throughout the body.

Get a Proper Liposuction Consultancy

In the first consultation, we will assess your case in a personalized way. In this first consultation, it is not only about seeing what areas you want to liposuction but about analyzing where you accumulate body fat. Often our patients come up with an idea of one or two areas that want to liposuction and we end up recommending them to lipo more areas. Why? Because once the intervention is done, if we do not treat all the areas where fat accumulates, later, when fattening, those untreated areas can get worse.

So, if you are planning for getting some of the fat tissues to be removed then you must visit the clinic for the best liposuction in India.