What are the Unflinching Advantages of a Sisal Rug

Sisal rug is made from Sisal leaves, which belongs to Agave family, cultivated in Brazil and various other parts of the world. The natural fiber rug is amazing addition for your home and you will find interesting to note that the rug comes without almost ZERO maintenance. For one or the other reason, Sisal rug is just the right type of option that you want to introduce into your living. Let’s get straight on to these advantages:

First Advantage:

Sisal rug requires very little cleaning and upkeep. All you need to do is vacuum clean the rug, and spend rest of your time decorating your living room. Even when you are cleaning the rug on regular basis, you will not find its shape going off the place.

Second Advantage:

Sisal has great absorbent rate, and it acts like a natural humidifier for your home. The advantage is that your home will stay cooler than the normal even on the hottest days of the summers. And now that Sisal has high absorbency rate, it can get stained quite easily. The result is that you cannot be steam cleaned. Above all, it is equally hard to clean Sisal rugs with shampoo.

Third Advantage:

Sisal rug is capable of fighting back the static and is therefore not flammable. You do not get the feeling of insecurity when you have the rug in your home.  

Fourth Advantage:

Sisal is non-toxic in nature and therefore is considered safe for children and even pets. The rug is just the kind that goes extremely well for people prone to asthma and allergies. Since Sisal is natural it does not send vapors of volatile organic compounds; making a superb contribution in maintaining the air quality of interiors of your home.

Fifth Advantage:

Sisal has a biodegradable nature, and it is quite obvious too. Straightaway getting to the point – the very time its shelf life is over you can dump it anywhere in your home garden or backyard lawn. The rug will get decomposed within few days and fertilizes the soil.

Sixth Advantage:

Sisal has a distinct beige, tan and creamy white coloration, and these are the natural colors of the plant fiber.  Many of these strings of fibers are nicely interwoven to bring out beatific feel in your home.  What’s more interesting, you can add any patterns or dyes to your Sisal rug and this brings out amazing uniqueness.

Seventh Advantage:

Sisal rug adds extensive durability to your home flooring. It gives the floor a sense of pride and ostensibly organic feel.

What You Need to Keep in mind!

Sisal rugs are tough, and they are durable. It means, these rugs have coarseness and roughness in them. Often times, these rugs may even hurt your feet. And if you are searching for much softer options for your home flooring, Sisal rugs do not make a good fit altogether.

Overall, Sisal rug is a practical addition to your home. It brings not only cleanliness but also creates a natural ambience, which is worth all the praise.