As per SAP Community Network that the SAP GUI Scripting tool can be said to be automation interface which increases the abilities of SAP GUI in favour of Java and Windows. Utilising this interface, end-consumers are in a position to automate cyclic tasks just by running and recording macro-like scripts. On the contrary, developers and administrators can shape up tools meant for server-side application experimenting or consumer-side application integration.

The process is extremely same as you record any Macro utilising Excel spreadsheet. Plus in case you possess some know-how of VBA programming language, it can be the strong tools to assist you in automating the cyclic task from the job.

The largest benefit going for SAP GUI Scripting along with Excel is that data may be utilised in both ways, dig out data from SAP towards excel and changing or updating information over SAP from Excel.

What is SAP GUI Scripting is possibly one amid the very thorny and contentious subjects to tackle in relation to SAP transaction automation. The prime cause being that the SAP GUI may be with ease followed with fewer skills and makes one of the highly dependable modes found for constantly experimenting transactions plus processes of the business. In the majority of common terms, GUI Scripting may be required with the intention to steer computer-aided experimenting tools.

In case you comprehend the reason responsible for SAP GUI to exist, the next thing will be at what time to utilise it.


Seeing that GUI makes a screen scraping technology, you can best execute it within an environment that is totally predictable and controlled. This implies that the focal point relating to the machine that is carrying out the GUI scripting implementation requires being nearly dedicated to this process. While this can be thought to be of less significance, you need to take into consideration that it is crucial as this frequently implies that the virtual machine and hardware resources must not, and seldom, be utilised by anything or any person.

Single Threaded

Since SAP GUI Scripting uses up a considerable volume of resources recovering test data from its staging repository and after that implementing screen actions, staying there for rendering, scrutinising the rendering, filling out form field and afterwards carrying out screen actions, it happens to be very much I/O intensive. Now the screen scrapes require tracking nearly to the windows application controls, to the pixel level, and behaviour requires managing, cross-checked and logged continuously all through the process. This as well implies that normally merely single thread of implementation may be taken on simultaneously on every virtual machine or hardware resource.


Aforementioned that SAP GUI is inclined to be I/O intensive. This implies that the time consumed amid completed tasks is inclined to be pretty prolonged. This makes a totally different manner as matched up to one that brings in use an interface. While implementing a script utilising scripting the interface is actually the whole of the SAP GUI in conjugation with the behaviour plus steps needed in the particular transaction. This can be taken to be the ineffective manner of conveying and receiving data.