What is the Selection Process of NMAT 2018?

NMAT by GMAC has two phases in its selection process. One is the NMAT exam and the second one is the Group Discussion/Personal Interview/Writing Ability Test. NMAT 2018 was conducted from October 4 to December 17, 2018. NMAT 2018 results have been declared and now the second phase of the selection process will be followed. However, the selection process may vary from one institute to other; here we are providing you the most followed selection procedure of NMAT by GMAC.

Selection Process of NMAT 2018

First of all, a candidate registers for NMAT exam and chooses 5 colleges out of the total participating colleges in NMAT. NMIMS University and 25 other management institutes are participating in NMAT 2018. It should be noted that the scores of the candidate are sent to only these five colleges which a candidate chooses while registering for NMAT. However, a candidate can choose more than 5 colleges by paying an additional fee of Rs.120 but all this has to be done while registering for the exam.

After this, the candidate has to appear for the NMAT exam. The candidates can check whether they have cleared the cut-off of the colleges opted by them or not once the NMAT results are declared.

After the declaration of NMAT results, the scores of the candidate are directly shared with colleges opted by him during registration. After this, the candidates have to see the further selection process of the colleges differ from one another. The selection process mostly involves a Group Discussion or a Personal Interview or a Writing Ability Test or a case study. The candidates have to visit one of the selected colleges for the further selection process. Let us understand these processes in detail.

Group Discussion- Group Discussion is basically done to check the communication skills of a candidate and thought process of a candidate on a topic or how he reacts to a given situation. The process highlights the leadership qualities of the candidates, so the process helps the colleges to select candidates with good communication skills and leadership qualities.

Personal Interview- Personal interview is a process which is most followed by the management colleges. This process includes an interview session with the candidate wherein one or more than one interviewer asks some personal as well as technical questions from the candidates. In the process, the interviewer evaluates a candidate on the basis of the answers given by the candidate. It also checks the confidence and communication skills of a candidate.

Writing Ability Test- WAT is a process in which a written test for the candidate is conducted. The test contains some English language questions and questions like essay writing. The test is basically conducted to test the writing skills of a candidate as well as to test the candidates’ hold on the English language. It also checks the vocabulary and grammar of a candidate.

Case Study– Case study is mostly not followed by many institutes but it is one of the selection processes for NMAT. A case study involves technical questions. It is basically an analysis of a given topic or subject. A candidate should know about the case study before his selection process and should practice the same.

As the scores of NMAT 2018 have been declared, students should start preparing for their second phase of the selection process.