Wooden Handicraft Items in India

India has always been famous for its vast culture and tradition. It is also famous for its art and its distinguished design.

The perfect blend of different cultures and heritages are impeccably infused in every art that portrays the uniqueness of the country and its history. Handicraft is one such example. The handicraft items from the different parts of the country have different patterns, designs, styles, and even colors. It is no wonder thus that the handicraft items from India have a huge market across the globe.

About Handicrafts

The beautiful art of making crafts with hands is termed as Handicrafts. This includes a wide range of craft work and fusion of art from pottery, paper crafts, woodcraft, jewellery box, embroidery and much more.

Handicraft promotes the tradition of the country and preserves the heritage with the help of simple tools. It aims to create decorative art which can be adorned and preserved. Every handicraft item is unique as it is made with love, passion, and imagination by the creator. And this is what makes it special. Travelers across the globe would always want to buy these beautiful pieces of art from India on their way back to home.

How Indian Handicraft is unique?

Indian culture is an amalgamation of several cultures, customs, traditions, religions and much more. Each Indian handicraft is unique to that region and reflect the diversity of the society. It is this fusion of the skilled artist, along with their traditional and cultural thoughts, that makes the Indian Handicrafts the most unique and desired one.

How Handicraft export from India is of great demand?

Decorating homes, hotels, restaurants, shops and boutiques has been the latest trend worldwide. People want to bring out the best with a fusion of culture and heritage, which makes it special and unique in its own way. Every state in India boasts of history and culture of its own. And when these blend together to form an art, the results are exquisitely beautiful.

The Handicraft Export From India is unique, colossal and speaks volumes about the cultural mix. Creating these masterpieces is an inborn talent. The knowledge and skills are passed through generations, each better than the previous ones. These beautiful handmade pieces will make you fall in love with them. No wonder thus that every traveller in India ends up taking a bag full of these handmade souvenirs.

Top Handicraft Products Exported from India

Handicraft products in India are endless, however, there are a few products with greater demand when exported to other countries. Read on to know more.

1. Wooden artwork and wooden carvings

The traditional wooden crafts which include storage box, coasters, wooden bowl, and other serve ware are an important export item from India. Nurture India is predominantly known for its wide range of aesthetically designed wooden artwork that serves a different purpose from decorative to serve-ware needs. Wooden Handicraft Exporters in India confirm that these pieces are not only beautiful but useful too, which is the main reason for their popularity.

2. Bamboo and Cane artworks

The weaving of the beautiful strips of bamboo into creative artwork is such a bliss to watch. Bamboo is eco-friendly and is a great alternative to plastics. From decorative pieces to furniture, bamboo brings the most elegant style to enhance your living experience. The bamboo artwork includes musical instruments which have a potential demand across the globe.

3. Pottery

Ceramic pots painted in vibrant colours with beautiful designs are another popular handicraft product from India. It is ideal for hotels and homes to create a luxurious living experience. It is also used for setting up cultural interior work that speaks about the heritage of India.

4. Hand painting and Embroidery

Beautiful hand-painted portraits and embroidery bring a soul-refreshing feel that will bring you peace and contentment. Every hand-painted portrait is infused with several features that include religion, language, culture and many other aspects that belongs to India. They are popular among travelers and they take them back as a memoir of the wonderful time spent here in India.

About Nurture India

Nurture India brings the fusion of art and culture of almost every state in India. They are proud to call themselves as the wooden handicraft exporters in India who strive hard to bring to you aesthetically crafted artwork that is not only beautiful but also useful. Nurture India helps to showcase the skills and craftsmanship of our local artisans to the rest of the world. So next time you want to buy a decorative piece to adorn your home, check out Nurture India website for some unique and beautiful Wooden Handicraft Items.