7 Tips for Lawn Care

That morning walks in the fresh and clean air in front of your house is truly mesmerizing, especially when you are the owner of that lawn and can enjoy its beauty and freshness at any point of time. Creating your personal outdoor space requires time and efforts and what is more important is to maintain that beauty by maintaining it regularly. Apart from the perfect soil and grass, you also have to consider many other factors so that you don’t have a dull and weed infested lawn ever again. Following are the ways which can give perfect look to your lawn and make it greener and healthier.

Type of grass

Try to select what type of grass that goes well with the climatic conditions; there are plenty of grasses that can be used in cold climate and in the warm climate. Some of the grasses that can tolerate cold temperature include Bluegrass, Perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue to name a few. Depending upon the location of your house and the climate, you can select the grass. Normally, the areas that are in the middle of the country are considered as a transition zone for grasses and you have a mixture of both cool and warm climate kinds of grass, to add into your new or existing lawn.

Removal of weeds

These small yet troubled items can stop the growth of the grass and plants by blocking air and nutrients from getting to the roots. Many times the birds flying over, pets and other animals roaming across the grass or even your clothing and footwear can bring these kinds of weeds which start blocking the fresh air. These types of weeds can grow in the form of either seed heads or flowers, with a wide variety of types that are common in lawns.

The best and convenient way is pulling out the whole weed from its roots, so that the other plants can be stopped from getting infected. You can either use your hand (wear gloves to prevent infection) or can also use a tool to do the process; however, if they are large in numbers you can spray the weeds directly with a low toxicity herbicide.

Proper Drainage

Make sure that there is proper drainage system in your lawn as the lawns with poor drainage are waterlogged for many hours or even days which can cause damage to the grass and roots. The shape of your garden should be such that it naturally drives the water away from the house with a shallow, level slope, so that in your absence also, the water won’t get collected at a particular area. Any dips can allow water to pool in one spot which can affect the growth of the grass and roots.

Planting some wet plants is also an ideal option to maintain the originality and freshness of the lawn in the rainy season as these kinds of plants can survive in excess water as well. Waterlogging in your garden is an important factor which should not be neglected at any cost, fit gutters so that the excess rainwater can be directly drained away from the lawn. You can seek help from The Home Depot’s professionals are expert in fitting new leak gutters in your lawns that can prevent blocking of the water; you can use home depot coupon code to get the best deals and discounts on the home services.


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Mowing of your lawn depends upon the weather conditions and the time in which you are mowing. For instance, in the colder temperature, the amount of mowing required is less; however, mowing becomes more frequent with the warmer weather as the grass will begin to grow quicker. It is generally advisable to cut only one-third of the grasses length and avoid mowing when the soil or grass is wet as it can cause damage to the lawn and prevent healthy growth in the future. Also, make sure not to mow the grass in a hurry. Keep on changing the direction of mowing on the regular basis to maintain the uniformity, use half-moon edging tool or edging shears after mowing to maintain proper shape of the borders and edges.

Fertilizers, food to plants

Apart from proper sunlight and water, your grass and plants require a variety of feed and fertilizers to retain the growth. Generally, it is advised to spray fertilizers twice in a year, once in the spring with a nitrogen-rich lawn feed and once in the autumn with a fertilizer with high levels of phosphate and potash. If you are not aware with the kind of fertilizers given to your plans, you also always trust The Home Depot’ services, they have highly experienced professionals who will take care of your lawn the way you do. Also, you can use homedepot coupon code to get great deals on the variety of grass feed and quality fertilizers available that will be beneficial for the growth of the plants.

Dispose of the dry leaves

Develop a habit of removing the dry and fallen leaves as it will keep your lawn healthy and clean. If you have a big lawn, you can use a mower with a bag/vacuum system to remove those dry leaves fallen on the ground, the main purpose is to remove them as soon as they start falling. Don’t wait for all the leaves to fall from the trees as they will be wet from rain and dew and will choke your grass. Also the dried or wet leaves can cause fungus and stops the growth of the plants kept in your lawn.

Keep your tools and lawn clean

Last but not least, clean your tools properly so that they remain rust proof and can be used next time as well. Properly store your lawn furniture, tools etc especially during the cold winter months when you don’t require them much often. If objects are left on the grass during the cold winter weather and snowfall, it can leave large dead spots because of the weight of the objects. Also clean your lawn on a timely basis, if you spend some time to care for your lawn properly during early fall the grass will be healthier and greener during the next springs.

If you love to have a personal lawn but are unaware of things that are required to maintain it, then you don’t need to worry, just get in touch with The Home Depot. Their lawn care professional will not only give you a free lawn care analysis but also provide you with a comprehensive treatment to make your lawn more green and healthy.