Difference between A Beard Wash Shampoo And Regular Shampoo

Maintaining a well-groomed facial hair is in vogue among today’s men. There is just something about a guy who can make a statement flaunting a chicly grown beard. It acts as an add-on to his appearance and enhances his personality. Indeed, it takes some effort on their part to maintain a well-kept beard. However, growing facial hair has its own share of hassles and more so, maintaining it properly, once the beard is grown. Most men love to have a finely maintained beard but they lack adequate knowledge of how to do so. A wide range of beard wash is available in the cosmetics market expressly for the purpose of maintaining a dandy hirsute look.

Caveat: Just a word of caution for starters, regular shampoos are formulated to cleanse the hair on top of your head – not the hair on your face.

Beard shampoos and regular shampoos – Wherein lies the difference

Since the texture of beard differs from that of hair, preserving it requires a special beard wash. A quick glance at the differences between conventional shampoos and beard shampoos will clarify some misconceptions as regards to the maintenance of facial hair and will help you to understand how the regular use of beard shampoos can become an integral part of your beard care routine.

Regular shampoos are manufactured of ingredients that wash natural oils and superfluous elements off your hair added by various styling products as you would not want your hair to be slick and greasy all the time. However, such sulfates normally leave the scalp feeling coarse and hair dry. Using a regular shampoo for cleansing the beard can result in bald patches or split ends. On the contrary, a beard wash is customised to cater to the specific requirements of a man’s facial hair. Whereas oiliness and slickness are a big ‘no’ for hair, it is quite fine for a beard. As a matter of fact, healthy beards have a natural lustre to them. Most beard washes contain ingredients that soften, nourish and smoothen the bristly textures of facial hair. Beard washhas been singularly formulated to deal with the natural oils in your beard.

Another significant difference between everyday shampoo and beard shampoo is that beard shampoo is available in an amazing range of scents that men love. Due to the burgeoning rise in consumerism, the modern cosmetic industry is targeting the needs of men too.

Therefore, avoid using regular shampoo to clean your beard and get yourself a decent beard wash, which you can rely on to gently cleanse, repair, condition and rejuvenate. Beard shampoo is conducive for everyday use; it washes off gunk and accumulation of oil to increase the lustre of facial hair.

How to apply beard wash to your facial hair

1. Gently massage the beard wash deep into the drenched beard in a circular motion to form a foamy lather.

2. Rinse your beard in cold water and when you are done, gently soak the wetness off your beard with a towel to experience best results. Rinsing with cold water helps to close pores leaving your skin underneath smooth, clean and healthy.

3. Apply a beard styling cream or beard oil after washing your beard.

The large assortment of beard wash that is being introduced in the market on a daily basis has been helping men look dapper and confident since 2015. With the booming collection of beard care products, you will certainly find everything you need for growing and maintaining a stylish beard. You can cherry-pick and shop for the best brands of beard wash, beard oil, beard brushes, beard balm etc.