How VLSI Training Encourages Employment in India?

With the advancement towards improvement and better quality of life, electronic devices help us to achieve our goals. Be it waking up in the morning with the ringing of the alarm clock, cooking food in microwave and surfing the internet from mobile or computer to catch up with the day’s news, in every phase of life and at every point, we confront electronic devices which are designed to help us live a better life.

VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is the innovation in Electronics which has transformed the whole concept. VLSI has helped electronic devices to cut short on their size, increased the speed of the device, used less power to operate and an overall decrease in price. All these factors have made a revolutionary effect on the electronics industry as a whole.

How VLSI serves as the backbone of Electronics industry today?

The need for compact electronic devices has increased in the day to day life. With the use of VLSI circuit, it is possible today to design a device which takes less space and is handy. Every electronic device that requires a circuit to work is equipped with VLSI technology. The extensive use of VLSI today is in sectors like Voice and data communication network, digital signal processing, commercial electronics, computers and mobiles, automobiles which are used in almost every Industry such as Schools, Hospitals, factories, IT, etc. It has become an essential component of every industry to work efficiently.

Who are eligible for this study?

There are many institutes today in India providing courses for VLSI but one of the best VLSI institutes in Bangalore is QSOCS. The government of India has come up with many initiatives to help develop skills for VLSI in India. The “Make in India” is one such drive which has taken VLSI to a new level. The government has also come up with new policies like the Electronics Development Fund (EDF) to boost the VLSI industry in India.

The “Skill India” is actively promoting skill development in VLSI domain thus helping to generate employment in this sector.

Studying VLSI

With government initiatives and private organizations showing interest in providing training to develop skills in VLSI, it is easier to pursue a career in VLSI. VLSI training in Bangalore and other parts of the country has gained popularity and offers courses to students according to their need. The courses are designed to promote learning along with an ongoing job. They offer weekend classes and have classes to choose from different time schedule to match their requirements. Along with this, they are highly equipped with real-time projects, faculties from the industry, and also focus on training that is the need of the time. A Bachelor’s Degree holder can opt for a PG course whereas a Master’s in Science or M.Tech can go for Masters Courses in VLSI.

Job opportunities in India

With the increasing demand for electronics and the initiative of the Indian Government, there is an increasing number of opportunities for a job in this industry. VLSI industry has seen a plunge in the last 10 years of business in the Indian market which has continued to show consistent growth. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of job opportunities for VLSI trained professionals.