Find More about International SMS Gateway Providers

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send and receive messages to and from a telecommunications network. The messages are usually routed to mobile phone networks. The SMS gateway supports email and media conversions.

Most of the business enterprises use the SMS gateway services to send messages to their customers and the target audience in bulk. SMS has been an effective promotional and informational tool for years. Even with the changes in technology, sending an SMS has not gone out of trend.

The main reason for it is that an SMS can be sent and received to and from even the most basic and older versions of mobile phones. It is a default feature on all mobile phones. And, an SMS does not require the internet connection. The users can read an SMS at any time in any place.

It is also one of the cost-effective ways of communicating with customers for enterprises. Enterprises can send numerous messages to customers by using the services offered by international SMS gateway providers. This enables them to connect with customers around the world.

The gateway handles the telecommunication protocols while converting and sending messages to user phone numbers. There are many advantages of using SMS gateway services. Let us take a look at some of those.

  1. Cost-effective Communication Channel
  • SMS gateway is one of the cheapest ways of communicating with customers. Opting for bulk message packs offered by the companies will be beneficial for the enterprises.
  • Many companies provide API integration services to connect the system of the enterprise with the SMS gateway.
  • Enterprises can use the single API to communicate with customers across more than 30 channels including SMS.
  • The API allows enterprises to send and receive messages through computers instead of mobile phones.
  • So, the support staff can simultaneously work on the same platform and handle multiple customer messages.

2.  Easy to Use Interface

  • The interface is easy to use at both ends.
  • Customers and users who are not technically advanced also can easily open and read SMS messages.
  • The reach of SMS messages is comparatively more than the reach of other communication channels.

3. Quick Alerts and Notifications

  • SMS is a great tool to send alerts and notifications to users.
  • Order bookings, deliveries, reservation reminders, train and flight ticket details, service reminders, payment due dates, etc. can be sent through SMS.
  • Important updates and messages can be sent to employees using SMS gateway services.

4. Marketing and Promotional Tool

  • International SMS gateway providers have ensured that SMS remains an effective and efficient promotional tool in the market.
  • Enterprises can integrate their marketing tools with the platform provided by the companies.
  • Sending advertisements, promoting products and services, sharing deals and discounts, coupon and promo codes, etc. are done through SMS.
  • Messages can be sent in bulk to customers across the globe with a single click. The bulk messages can be personalized to include the customers’ name by connecting the gateway to the database.

5. Connect Email Systems and Mobile Phones

  • Messages can be sent from email systems to mobile phones using the gateway services.
  • The gateway will automatically convert the contents of the email to an SMS. The response, if received from users will be directed to the same email.

6. Allow Two-way Communication

  • SMS can not only be used to send messages but also receive them from customers.
  • Queries, complaints, feedback, etc. can be taken from customers by asking them to reply to the messages sent to them.

7. Independent Gateway

  • The companies will ensure that the message traffic is monitored and the load is balanced at all times to deliver the messages instantly to customers.
  • Enterprises can create, schedule, and delete their promotional campaigns any time as the platform is exclusively used by them.
  • Each enterprise is provided with an independent platform which they do not have to share with other enterprises.

8. Dashboard

  • The dashboard provides enterprises with information about the number of messages sent, delivered, received, and keeps track of the leads at all times.

9. Two-factor Authentication

  • Using two-factor authentication, enterprises can send One Time Passwords to customer mobile phone numbers and facilitate them in completing the transaction within the stipulated time.

10. Customer Engagement 

  • SMS can also be used as a customer engagement tool. An SMS does not disturb the daily routine of the customers, nor does it require the customers to pause their work and attend to it.
  • Sending regular messages about the brand, the products and services, new product releases, deals and offers, etc. will keep the customers updated.