Add a Touch of Elegance and Style to Your Kitchen

If there is one thing that most of the foreign tourists take back as a souvenir from India, then it is a handicraft product. The most popular in this category are the wooden items. They reflect the traditional styles, craftsmanship, and culture of rural India. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans who are in the trade for generations. With the focus more onus on using environment-friendly products, these priceless pieces, are slowly finding ways into our kitchen and daily lives. They make our lives special and beautiful each day.

Let us now take a look at some of the most amazing wooden items that can make your kitchen slab a bit better!will make you fall in love with your kitchen. These Wooden Handcraft Items give your kitchen dining experience a unique, royal and classy look which you would not want to miss.

A dining table would be incomplete without its a set of coasters. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and even material starting from plastics to hand croquet. But what is catching the trend these days especially with respect to the Handicraft Export from India are the wooden coasters. These wooden coasters make your dining table a piece to admire, add to it the fine craftsmanship of the Indian artisans, and you have a simple décor item that your guest would be in awe.


Coffee mugs and beer mugs are a part and parcel of every kitchen. Wooden mugs are used in plenty in the United States of America and the West. You can even get it customized as per the size you want and have beer or coffee or any other drink that you desire. The ceramic mugs are much in demand these days. People get them customized with graffiti and pictures of their loved ones as well. Our very own artisans have also come up with a line a ceramic and wooden mugs which are hand painted and exquisitely carved from a single block of wood, ensuring no leakage or cracks!. Each mug is made with love and care. These Handmade Indian products and design mugs are gaining much popularity nowadays with many foreign companies making a beeline for procuring them.

3.Storage Containers
For those of you who are completely bored of the same old storage containers in plastic, steel or glass, here is a new option. Feel happy and rejuvenated every time you enter the kitchen. Get some classy, crafty and handmade wooden storage containers. These are so beautiful and elegant that they double up as serve ware too. These wooden storage containers come in different sizes and designs, some even come with unique carvings that will make everyone just fall in love with them. No wonder that this is a very popular item among the wooden handicraft exporters in India.

4.Candle Stands
Think of a beautiful evening and your first thought would be a room filled with candles. Yes, candles add a touch of tranquility to your very existence. Want to celebrate a special occasion with your spouse or special friend, candlelight dinner is your first choice. Helping you make the occasion more beautiful are an array of handcrafted wooden candle stands. They add to the grace and style on your special day. Choose the one that goes best with your occasion be it a Channapatna tea light holder or handcrafted doll inspired tealight holder holder or even a simple wooden candle holder. Each one is special, for they are made with passion and love for the art form. Let these pieces grace your kitchen dinner table,and rooms and make your day special.

5.Tissue Holders
A wide range of beautifully designed tissue holders are now available in wooden material. Tissue holders are mostly utility driven items that have never been given a twist of creativity,… until now. Usage of tissue holders and tissue boxes is increasing due to all the house parties being hosted! Many people who visit India from abroad on vacations make it a point to buy these uniquely designed tissue holders. They are gaining popularity as an important categoryitem in handicraft export from Indiatoo as it helps you organize your kitchen and comes in handy to keep it tidy.

6.Yoga Collection
Being healthy is important. More and more people are nowadays switching to yoga to find mental and physical peace. If you are a yoga fanatic en thusiatsenthusiast,then there is a meticulously designed range in yoga collection of Wooden Handicraft Items. There are a large number of items in this collection which includes key chains, fridge magnets, cups, coasters, etc. Each reminding you of your love for yoga. With a lot of people even in the West turning to yoga, this collection is a hot cake among wooden handicraft exporters in India.

Handmade is the buzz words these days. What makes these wooden handicraft items so special is that each one is the outcome of the creativity of an individual and not a machine. There is a personal touch in each piece. These are not only unique, beautiful and environment-friendly but they are long lasting as well. They keep you connected to India’s culture and roots. Above all by buying these handmade products, you make sure you are doing your bit in keeping India’s traditional craftsmanship alive, Nurture India while you are giving a new lease of life to the talented artisans and proudly flaunting India’s rural designs in style. You can buy the above-mentioned products online.

So go ahead and give your home and kitchensome refreshing and elegant look.