Host4Geeks Review – Best Reseller Hosting Company in India

Have you ever think about starting an online hosting business, having tons of clients, and quest of generating great revenue? If yes, then this guide is indeed for you.

Because of the arisen pandemic corona, many people are dreaming of having their own online business, where they can just sit at one part of their home and work. Web hosting business is one of such businesses. However, the biggest dilemma which comes people’s way is where to start and whom to consult. 

Sounds hard?

Actually, this is not that hard. If you stick with the right company, then you can reap the benefits of your hard work in your web hosting journey.

There are a plethora of companies in India who offer cheap reseller hosting India plans to cater to their clients’ need; however, the one which stands out of the crowd is Host4Geeks.

With Host4Geeks, you don’t have to have an immediate plan, you can register for server space first, and then you can decide how you want to use it and how you would like to give out the server space to other websites and online professionals or bloggers. 

Host4Geeks’s reseller plans are divided into two categories – cheap reseller plans and fully feature reseller plans. The only thing that distinguishes these two plans from each other is the amount of bandwidth and SSD space provided.

In fully features SSD reseller plans, customers will be given unlimited bandwidth, disc space, free migration and SSL security. The prices vary as per the accounts that can be added and Free WHMCS License per plan.

Why one should choose Host4Geeks for reseller hosting?

  1. Host4Geeks’s packages are quite affordable: Host4Geeks have quite fair prices in comparison to other hosting providers. Their prices are based on the transfer rates and storage space available, which I believe is the fair and right way to do things without overcharging and cheating on clients. Host4Geeks understand their customers’ needs hence they make sure that they have got the bandwidth and set it at the correct price.
  2. Host4Geeks’s customer support services are excellent: Host4Geeks is particularly famous for its customer support services all across the country. Not only do they have specialists available to their customers every day of the year, but they also provide them with 24*7 live chat assistance as well. This company eagerly checks every customer account and the websites that are being hosted on their reseller hosting servers. One of the factors where the value of the host is checked is the quality of the websites hosted because having unlawful and harmful websites on the server affects the hosting services in numerous ways.
  3. They offer a user-friendly and easily accessible c-panel: What’s more, Host4Geeks provides you with everything that you need to resell the space you have with ease. There’s the user-friendly cPanel which helps you track and manage your clients and keeps track of your earnings as well. They help you do all the important stuff, giving you the chance to start a smart business plan and help you put your best foot forward to make a good income without difficulty at all. Even if you’re new to the business, you’d be able to pick it up in no time since Host4Geeks gives you all the tools you need to be successful in reselling.
  4. Host4Geeks reward its clients through the affiliate program None the less, they offer money earning the opportunity to their clients. You can simply join their affiliate program with no additional charges and earn a 40% reward per sale. What’s more, they offer a cookie life of a certain period to help affiliates increase the chances of conversion rates and to give them more time to convince their referrals to purchase hosting plans.

Client Testimonials

Since Host4Geeks has a large customer base all across the India, their clients never leave a chance to praise them on various review portals, because of their personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Earn Money Online With Host4Geeks Affiliate Program

If you are looking for some passive income then the Host4Geeks affiliate program can be the best choice you can ever make. They offer a 40% commission per sale with a signup bonus; Rs.1000 with an easy payout option. Many top influencers and bloggers are associated with their affiliate program and are earning a good amount of money per sale.

Just A friendly advice

Before you get too excited and put all your money into the business, you must first have a plan. With the amount of space you’ve got, you have to decide how you’re going to divide it or if you’re going to be renting out the entire server. Will your plan let you keep your website as part of the server that you will sell? There are a lot of things that you’d need to take into consideration, so draw up a plan and only then can you get started properly.

Ultimately, with so many ways to earning money on the internet, buying a reseller hosting plan from Host4Geeks and start your own business is one of them. It is one of the most authentic ways to earn a huge sum of money. All you have to do is sign up with Host4Geeks and choose the plan that fulfill you need. The good news is you do not need a degree to do this, but you do need a lot of patience, hard work and willpower.