How to Select a Chocolate Fountain?

Those who love chocolates also like to have a chocolate fountain in their parties. If you like to throw a party at home, then you will need a chocolate fountain machine permanently. Your guests will love such a festive piece, and the best thing is that you can arrange the machine with other stuff before the party begins. You don’t have to worry about the deserts as you can have cookies, donuts, cake pieces or any other dessert to top it with chocolate. Even people love to dress up ice cream with the chocolate. But, you will get all these benefits if you chose a chocolate fondue fountain carefully.

You can easily buy a nice and high-quality Chocolate Fountain after considering some important factors.


It’s very important as you must already know how much can you afford for a fountain.

Plan the number of guests: 

You should have a complete list of the people who are going to attend the party, as it will determine the machine size and the amount of chocolate required. You can either have a set for ten to twelve persons or larger than that.

Bowl size: 

It should also be large enough because a small bowl will not be enough.

A weight of the machine: 

The weight should be light, so that you can easily carry the machine home and set it up.

How to Select A Chocolate Fountain2


It should not have plastic inside, as it becomes harmful when heated. However, stainless steel has no such issues.

Noiseless motor: 

This is another essential thing to consider because if the motor is too noisy it will ruin your party, making everybody yell at each other, so the motor should be noiseless. Sometimes, the big chocolate fountains give more noise, but these days the machines are developed with the latest systems.


Small size is enough for a small birthday party, as it has a size of 10x10x13 inches, and the chocolate it can hold is up to 2 pounds which is enough for 10 persons. This type of fountain has an auger type pump with eight skewers and a tray that is portable and you can easily wash it after the party is over.

Such size is also ideal for kids, because it doesn’t get too warm, and the price is also low. However, a Big Chocolate Fountain has large parts so that it can contain a huge amount of chocolate to serve the huge crowed.

Easy to wash: 

Always select a unit with detachable parts, and the one that is easy to clean, because cleaning it right after the party is essential, as otherwise the machine will stop working.


The machine should be durable so that you can keep it for many years until you get bored. Always select a company which offers the parts separately, like the parts should be easily available when you need to replace them for any reason.

All these points will help you select a nice chocolate fountain. Still, if you are not satisfied with the above explanation then you can personally visit our blog boost your knowledge and know more about other helpfull ideas and tips.