Hug Is a Circular Emotion

A hug is a tight grip of affection to feel the heart beats. A hug is a right therapy to make up for a quarrel or reassure love.  A hug is made while standing to face each other and embracing for comfort and romance. Love feelings are enhanced through a hug. At times hugs do wonders for a relationship and romance than words. Hug day falls on the seventh day in Valentine Week beginning from 7th February till 14th February.  February 13th is marked as Hug Day all over the world.  The young and not so young couple celebrate the occasion with a lot of enthusiasm.

Hugging is a worthy act full of health benefits as it brings about physical and psychological changes in the body. It invigorates and supports the immune system.  Chances of heart diseases occurring go down; stress hormone cortisol level goes down in the circulatory system.  Science has proved that a brief hug lasting about 20 seconds gives happiness and joy and hormone oxytocin increases in the bloodstream for positive results. Hugging couple’s blood pressure stays stable and heartbeat remains normal. In short, the couple feels calm and composed and tranquility prevails during and after the hug.

On hug day couples exchange gifts and flowers as well. Hug Day Gifts Online are in abundance with varied choices. The web page of the gift site has pictures of the gift items with price and discounted price.  The website is user-friendly and the information is available at the click of the mouse.  The rules of the refund policy, delivery and shipping and other terms and conditions are given. You can communicate with the website for your queries.  Gifts can be personalized and delivered at the suggested address on the same day and even at midnight. The customer service is communicative and prompt. Go to the web site select the product put it in the cart one by one click to place the order give an address and make payment. Your gift will reach the appointed address. You can track your parcel if you wish to do so.

Hug Day Gifts

Buy Gifts online for him or her.  For him you can buy melt in mouth chocolate cake in shape of a heart, personalized lamp, cushion, mugs and greeting cards;  bunch of roses, rose hamper, decorated candle, good luck bamboo plant, sunglasses, photo frame, potted plants, smiley, bouquets, wallet, puzzles, bookmark, candies, teddy, bookmark etc. For her, the above list and more like cushions, apron, almonds, slinging bags, decorated plates etc. Lovely gifts will make you fall in love again.

Those couples who have been separated because of transfer to a different city can kindle their love by sending gifts. The aroma of the flowers and cake will take you down the memory lane. It will be as good as being together.  The glimpse of the gift will revive memories and make you feel relaxed. Hug days is awaited by puppy lovers, youths and a couple of all age group. Write message on greeting cards with love bites:-

A hug is the perfect gift-one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it-Irvin Ball

Love is a peaceful feeling, like a flower hugging a butterfly-Zita Vasavan

One word can end a fight: one hug can start a friendship, one smile can bring unity; one person can change your entire life-Israelmore Ayivor