Is Sport Important in Our Society?

Are you one of those who spend their day in front of the computer? Do you often stay at home doing nothing? Read this article. Sport can help you improve your health and your life.

Sport is one of the most important habits of our society. It helps prevent many diseases, including obesity and heart disease. Sport is also about interacting with other people, making new friends and having fun, doing something we love. Sport helps to live longer in general, people who make it feel good about themselves and improve their physical condition. If you are interested in Table Tennis sports I recommend you to visit Bestvela and read its great guide to ping pong paddles.

On the other hand, sport can have negative effects on some people: those with diseases or people doing a lot of exercises, every day, fatigue can appear, and they may be more prone to injury and illness related to fatigue.

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Sports as a Spectator

Most people around the world like to practice some sport, whatever it may be, but it is also clear that we like to watch professional team football matches. This has many advantages but it also has cons. You see a lot of people known around the world and you can take photos or ask for autographs. You could have been all your life with the dream of going to see a game of your favorite team, and when you see your idols and your team jump to the field, you want to jump to the field and play with them. If your team wins feel joy and satisfaction, and when you get home you want to repeat and think because you had not gone before to contemplate an event of such magnitude.

Well, you reflect a bit and you know that you have not gone before for those cons that you have to go to see a soccer game. Costs a lot of money, and more if you are from a world-known team, such as Barcelona or Real Madrid. In other countries, it costs less and speaking of football with other people you are envious of other people who can practically watch a football game every weekend. Another problem of going to see a football match is the noise that forms in the stadium, especially in closed stadiums. It is very hot and if you have anxiety or ear problems, it is better that you do not go and that you see it on TV with the family.

Sports Educational Values

Sport avoids sentimentalism and helps the development of companionship (having to work as a team) and commitment since you demand of yourself and have a responsibility within your club or school. In addition, it improves the acceptance of the individual since you can lose or be overwhelmed by a partner. This value leads the individual to improve perseverance by having to be constant to improve or achieve your goals. On the other hand, sports make one more respectful with their environment and encourages independence because it helps the person to have confidence in oneself. Finally, if it is a team sport, it develops friendship since the teammates can help each other overcome their problems.

Comparative between Professional and Young Players

In this case, we think that most young people are influenced by a professional, or simply, them like that professional and try to do what he does playing, in this case, football. This can be a good thing, but sometimes it’s a pretty bad thing, because if the young people imitate the good things of each player, that’s fine, but sometimes the young people also want to imitate the bad part of some, that’s the bad thing, that they imitate the way of being of some players, the arrogance and the contempt towards other people simply for having less quality than them. They are actions that do not make any sense, we play in soccer teams, and of course, we have our idols or players to imitate, but always the good things of each one, not what bad.

Interviews with People

  • Four people were asked if they were playing sports and they answered YES
  • Four people were asked what they thought of the young people who play sports, and they said that it helps to let them out, to avoid doing stupid things, to spend, to keep fit.
  • Four people were asked about the most popular sport and they said it was football.
  • Four people were asked if the sport was important in society and they said that it helps to relax after work, to have no problem with obesity and heart problems, to allow people to meet and live moments together.
  • Four people were asked if they watched matches or sports competitions on TV and they answered YES: the Olympic Games, swimming competitions and basketball matches, and football matches like the Euro or World Cup.
  • Four people were asked if they prefer to play the sport or watch it on TV: three people said they prefer to do it and one person said they prefer to watch it.
  • Four people were asked if they think that young people are influenced by the professionals and they all answered YES.

Final Words  

According to these results, we found that many young people play sports that football is the most popular, that sport is important in society that the Olympics are the most popular, and that young people prefer to practice it rather than to watch it and that young person are influenced by professionals.