Know the root cause of having Man Boobs or Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia or man breast reduction surgery is performed to give a flat chest to nen who are having excessive layer of fat deposited on their chest due to various reasons.

There could be many different reasons for the deposit of these fats on the male chests that give the look of female breasts causing much embarrassment for people suffering from this condition. They are also called man boobs and are a subject of ridicule and disappointment by friends, relatives, partners, and family.

Men suffering from this condition often feel embarrassed to lift of their shirt and undress while performing activities like swimming, walking on the beach, public bath, and sunbath, in men’s locker room or participating in athletic events and while exercising in Gym.

Man boobs can occur because of one of the many reasons like hormonal imbalance during puberty, sedentary lifestyle and consumption of junk food, drugs, alcohol, and fast food. Ongoing medications and side effects of medicines taken in the past due to disease, surgery, or an injury can also be the reason for a hormonal imbalance leading to this condition.

It’s best to consult and experienced plastic surgeon that has been dealing with these cases and performing these surgeries on a regular basis.

Nowadays there are many modern methods that will give you a flat and chiseled chest with permanence in a painless and minimally invasive procedure that will leave no visible scarring post-surgery and you will be able to join your work on the same day.

Our team of experienced doctors and staff are using the latest machinery and advanced technology to make your chest fat disappear and give you a flat, chiseled and masculine chest in the minimal time frame at a budget that is affordable for you.

We use advanced technologies like ultrasonic or vaper liposuction, water jet, and 3d lipo and 3d sculpting to give you a chest that will look like one of a male model from the magazines.

We use simple minimally invasive techniques that will require an incision on the lower area of your chest or on the border of the nipple to melt fat cells and extract fat glands with the help of a needle. You don’t have to undergo a knife and we will not be cutting your chest open and sew it back later on.

Instead, you will be awake during the surgery for most of the time. We will give a small dose of anesthesia to induce numbness in the region where the liposuction needle will be inserted and will take out fat and fat glands in moderation from the upper chest area and let a very low amount of fat remain to provide couture. However, we will take out fat aggressively from the lower chest area to give a right sculpted, natural shape to your chest. Fat glands are also taken out in moderation to avoid depression in the chest also called saucer deformity. So if you are looking for “gynecomastia surgery near me”, you have come at the right place.