Root Canal Treatment Procedure and Its Effects

According to a report, 65% population in India goes through the root canal treatment because of the infection inside their tooth. Changing food habits and lifestyle is the main reason behind this poor oral health which leads to the infection inside your teeth.

Root canal treatment is the only instant solution to get rid of this issue. It also saves us from the future cavity and infection in our mouth. The treatment is also known as endodontic therapy.

Facts about Root Canal

  1. This Process involves the removal of pulp from its nerves, to stop the infection.
  2. You will feel a lot of pain during the treatment but it will be worth to handle because of the pain relief that you will get after the treatment.
  3. A root canal is the common name of the therapy, the actual name of the treatment is “endodontic therapy”.
  4. The cost of the procedure will depend upon the type of infection in your mouth.
  5. More than 15 million Root Canals are performed every year.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal therapy is done in three simple steps and takes around three sessions to complete the procedure. So, let’s start and know about it in detail.

  1. Cleaning The Tooth (Root Canal)

First of all, all the dead tissues and pulp in the tooth is removed. For that, doctors make a hole in the infected tooth under the influence of anesthesia. Once everything is cleaned, your dentist will be ready to take the next step.

  1. Filling The Tooth Or Root Canal

After cleaning, the tooth will be filled with rubber-like material and an adhesive cement is used to seal the material. Shaping, decontamination, and shaping of the tooth are also included in this step.

Once all these minor steps are completed you will not be able to sense and feel any pain in that particular tooth because of the removal of nerves and tissues from the tooth.

  1. Adding the Crown To The Tooth

Now, your tooth is cleaned properly, it will not be infected in the future but it needs the nourishment at the same time, and this third step is for the same purpose. The Crown/filling provides protection to the tooth.

Once all these steps are completed successfully you can use your tooth like you were using before without any worry. So, this is the procedure of root canal treatment that generally takes one appointment but in case of curved canals or multi-infection, it can take two or more appointments.

These are the simple steps for the Root Canal Therapy, but now let me tell you some facts about this treatment, which might help you to take the better decision.