Settle In Canada With Permanent Residency Visa

Whenever it comes for settling abroad, one of the most preferable places that Indians choose to go in Canada. It a wonderful place both in terms of luxury lifestyle and wonderful economic opportunities.

Residency Visa

The foremost thing that you need in order to settle there is to get a permanent residency visa for business or education. Such a type of visa is given to the person who has been given the permission to stay in Canada as a permanent resident after staying there for a certain period of time.

Benefits Enjoyed By Availing Permanent Residency Visa

A Permanent Residency visa holder of Canada gets certain benefits which can be enumerated in the followings:

  1. To reside and work in the country for an indefinite time period.
  2. Once staying in Canada for three years under the visa, the visa holder can apply or Citizenship in Canada.
  3. Various social and economic benefits of Canada can be enjoyed.
  4. With the help of this visa, an individual shall also be able to sponsor his or her relatives for a visa in Canada.
  5. Benefits related to employment along with low tax rates can be availed by this visa.

How To Apply For Permanent Residency Visa?

You can get a PR in Canada through various methods. Some of these programmes are:

  • Skilled Immigrant Programme.
  • Provincial Nominee Programme
  • Self-employed Persons Programme
  • Start-Up visa
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

The Canada process for PR requires the following documents:

  1. Photograph of the applicant.
  2. A medical certificate from a renowned physician.
  3. Certificate of police verification.
  4. Travel documents and passports.
  5. Letter of recommendation stating your work experience.
  6. Proof of funds.

The immigration officer will have a careful look at all your documents so see its authenticity and then forward it to the concerned higher authority for further official progress. On an average, it takes 30-35 days to complete the entire procedure.

Seek Expert Help To Deal With Intricate Official Matters

Thus it can be seen that the process for Canadian PR visa is a very simple one. You can either apply online or can do the same in offline more whichever you are more comfortable with. In case you feel that the process is rather complicated for you, you can also take expert opinion and the services offered by various experienced professionals and agencies are quite trustworthy and according to a recent survey, the persons who had availed their services are very much happy and satisfied with the quality of work offered to them. Hiring such services will make your work faster and easier.   

All you have to do is to apply for the visa at the earliest in order take to get your work done quickly. With all types of PR visa for Canada listed above, you need to see which of you are qualified for and then apply directly for the same. Once all the procedure is completed, get ready for a new beginning to in a wonderful place.