What are the Canada PR Visa Fees?

When you are starting a journey in a new country, then financial security is very important; you need to have adequate funds to help you resettle at a new place till the time you find suitable employment. The initial research about the expenditure for immigration and the cost of living in a country is very important, and a smart candidate will undertake proper groundwork in order to form speculation regarding the monetary expenditure requirements.

Also, the candidate needs to prove to the Canadian Government that he/she is financially stable in order to immigrate to Canada without any qualms. No country would want an immigrant who is unable to sustain himself till the time he/she has employment. Hence, there should be proper proof of funds, and the candidate should be capable enough to bear the expenditure of immigration as well. 

What is the tentative cost of migration with the PR Visa?

Thanks to the internet, application filing is an online process now; thus, while selecting an immigration consultant for its case, an applicant need not be bound by the geographical suitability of the Consultant rather than the physical proximity; it is the track record and the services offered that will play the key roles in the selection and help the immigrant make the right choice.    

There are the few Charged by the immigration consultancy, which is variable and also very less as compared to the price of the future. After this, the general list of immigration costs can be understood as below.

Immigration Pathway CAD
Primary candidate 825
Right to Permanent Residency Fee  (RPRF) 500
Spouse or Partner Processing Fee 825
Dependent Child (Per Child) 225
IELTS test fee
ECA from WES 230
Medical test
Police Certification

Apart from this time, the amount of money that the appellant needs to immigrate to Canada will depend on your family.  If there is a family of four people, then the approximate amount to immigrate is CAD 11000, which is very less as compared to the price of a family of four relocating to Australia.  Immigrating to a new country opens a band of opportunities for the appellant, and hiring an immigration consultant is a good idea as the process is hefty and lengthy. The Consultant will help you with the settlement funds, Visa processing fees, and also a collection of documents. 

Let us look at the Minimum Amount of settlement funds required for Canadian immigration through express entry – 

Family Members Settlement Fund
1 12960
2 16135
3 19836
4 24083
5 27315

There is no cost for creating an express entry profile. It is only when the appellant has received an ITA then a Fee of CAD 825 needs to be submitted for each applicant and an additional charge of CAD 225 for every dependent child who is accompanying you in Canada.  The applicant needs to meet the requirement of settlement funds for Canada Immigration, and maintaining the bank balance for this is very important.