SLokeshwaram – Sri Lokeshwara Swamy Temple Telangana


 Sri Lokeshwara Swamy Temple is located in Lokeshwaram, in Lokeshwaram Mandal, in the district of Adilabad, in the state of Telangana, in South India. This temple is largely dedicated to Lord Sri Lokeshwara Swamy who is a regional form of Lord Shiva. It is a medieval Hindu temple that was grandly patronized the rulers and local people of this particular region. According to the history of this village, the temple was a small shrine in an agricultural field in its olden days. When this temple gained prominence in this village then the philanthropists and adherent followers of Hindu religion wholeheartedly contributed funds for the building of the present temple structure in a fortified manner during the medieval period. It is one of the star attraction Hindu temples of Lokeshwaram Mandal. The other Hindu temples of this mandal are Sri Papeshara Swamy Temple at Kadili, Sri Lokeshwaralayam and Sri Mahalinganna temple.

Religious Significance

According to the historians and local legends, the village or the Mandal derived the name of Lokeshwaram because of the shrines religiously dedicated to Lord Lokeshwara in a spiritual manner. The word Lokeshwara literally means the Lord of the Universe in the vernacular languages of South India. As per the religious scholars of Hinduism, this particular Lord is the safe keeper of this universe. The Lord also fulfills the wishes and desires of his worshippers within a short stipulated time frame. A good number of devotes and pilgrims largely follow this particular Lord with great faith and devotion. The priests of this shrine are highly qualified and have vast experience in the religious matters with a lot of perfection. They rightly suggest the devotees and pilgrims to wholeheartedly indulge in the right type of religious poojas, homams, yagnas and other activities and functions for proper remedies in personal and professional life. It is perfectly based on their suggestions, devotees and pilgrims properly indulge in religious activities and functions at this temple. It is to be highly remembered that local peoples from the neighboring sub-towns and villages visit this shrine by foot as a part and parcel of religious rituals.

Architectural Significance

 Sri Lokeshwara Swamy temple is built as per the right blend of South Indian and Dravidian architectural styles and pattern. It doesn’t have any touch of local and regional architectural features incorporated in it. The craftsmanship of this shrine really needs a special mention because of its unique characteristics. The wooden doors in the main sanctum are beautifully designed with floral design pattern in a spiritual manner. It is to be highly noted that certain aspects of Hindu religious custom and tradition of temple construction are perfectly followed in it in a strict manner. The flooring and ceiling of this shrine give a look of an ancient temple form. The Vimana or tower of the main sanctum is average in height and can be seen from long distance. There are only a few sub-temples within the temple complex which are dedicated to Local Gods and Goddesses. There is a medium sized tank just outside this fortified temple.


Sri Lokeshwara Swamy temple of Lokeswaram is generally known among its adherent devotees and pilgrims for the grand celebration of Mahashivarathri in a religious manner. This shrine is usually marked with special poojas, rituals, homams, yagnas and other religious activities and function in a grand manner. It is a holy place where the age-old Vedic rules and regulations are strictly followed in a disciplined manner.

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