Tips and Strategies to score high in SAT

SAT preparation classes in Bangalore will guide you to achieve a high score by training students to their maximum potential and reduce their careless mistakes which, everyone is likely to do in the exam hall, and raise their score. SAT classes in Bangalore prepare students mentally and psychologically so that they gain confidence in what they are supposed to write in the test. Here, are the few simple mistakes student do and tips to correct it:

Most of you consider the essay part of the SAT is optional, but you still need to complete that section as it will reveal your best analytical and writing skills. The essay section wants you to complete tasks such as- analysing how an argument works; this topic allows you to demonstrate your reading, writing and understanding skills. Each SAT essay consists of one paragraph between 650 to 700 words that you have to read and respond to in relation to that paragraph. The purpose of the SAT essay is that it helps you understand the rhetorical techniques used by the authors. When you consider writing an essay you would probably need prior knowledge on the topic. If you are confident enough about the topic then go ahead. When you write an essay do not share your opinions and just don’t state what the topic is all about. Your job is to explain and identify the point the passage is trying to make.

If you are wondering where did you lose marks in SAT math test? It would be because of a few common careless mistakes. First of all, you need to complete the more straightforward questions which you are entirely confident about in order to increase your score, then carry on with least difficult questions, focusing and providing some extra time to solve the difficult questions.

Writing and language test strategy: write in your own words, work through the paragraph and make your own sentences explaining what the particular sentence does. Use correct pronouns like those, these, this, they etc. and proper use of logic clues like because, therefore, although, yet, these type of sentences helps you in sequencing the paragraph.

Proper use of the punctuation is very essential. Students always get confused between the use of semicolon and comma. The semicolon indicates a pause which holds longer than a comma but shorter than a full stop. Connecting two individual sentences may result in a comma. Example: “Tom Cruise is a versatile actor, Depp is hunkier.” This statement is WRONG as both of the statements are individual instead of a comma a semicolon would fit properly.

The Math test demonstrates your ability to apply mathematical skills to the particular type of problem. Questions in math would be of three types:

1. Heart of algebra which has linear equations.

2. Problem-solving and data analysis.

3. Advanced math which focuses on complex equations.

About 805 of the questions in math test are multiple choices.

The best SAT institute in Bangalore will guide you in correcting and give tips to keep in mind during the exam. They also train you in solving problems in scenarios that you find in reality in various fields.