5 upcoming features that will make WhatsApp more exciting, interesting and user Friendly.

Over year by year whatsapp is improving from last 2 year application provider continuously adding new feature and giving latest update for their user. Here we are going to discuss about upcoming features of if that will make your live more easily and make you more entertaining. By giving continues update now it’s not just an massaging application it’s now multi use application Video status is the best feature that whatsapp introduce so far.

Now a time whatsapp is useful in multilevel because now it’s not just massaging app. You can do voice calling, video calling, location sharing, file sharing, image sharing, payment etc so now you didn’t need to install multiple application

  1. Voice to Video Call Shifting
  2. Group calls
  3. Instagram Stories on WhatsApp
  4. Facebook-like Stickers
  5. More control for group admins
  1. Voice To Video Call Shifting :-

Whatsapp will soon give you new update by using it you can switch your voice call to video call or video call into voice call will makes you feel batter experience. There will be an option with icon by pressing It receiver will received one notification by which both the user can join video call if receiver rejected it the voice call will remains continue as it before

  1. Group Calls:-

WhatsApp is also looking to extend voice and video calls to group conversations soon. Voice and video calls are currently available for individual users only. There was a mention of group calls with icon in one of the WhatsApp updates for Android and ios both.

  1. Instagram Stories on WhatsApp

Now a time you can share you stories in facebook and Instagram after deal of facebook and whatsapp you will receive some joint functions like stories sharing in future as same as users currently doing between Facebook and Instagram. It may possible you can share it in multiple application like facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. For whatsapp stories, you can download romantic and sorry status video from different sites online and easily share it.

  1. Facebook-like Stickers

Its currently available for IOS users in very short time Developer will launch this feature for Android users also just wait for few days. You can share Stickers or GIF as same as Facebook. It will make more fun it’s a media feature and joint project of Facebook and Whatsapp.

  1.  More control for group admins

Now a days billons of peoples using whatsapp every day and share Billons of photo and media every day in group also, so its necessary to keep it admin control if peoples are sharing unusual information to group. That’s why developers are looking to give more control on Group admins hand. So in upcoming users you will received more and more safety and control feature in this amazing application.