What do you know about tragus piercing?

Tragus piercing is more popular with teenagers in some recent years which doing piercing in a small pointed eminence of the outer ear with little cartilage inside of health. Tragus connects the face and the ear which receives sound surrounding. However, numerous youngsters think about being cool and fashionable with piercing in a tragus area.

How to make a tragus piercing?

Your piercing is made safer and cleaner to work with professionals because making at home is a high risk of infection. There are some ways to pierce your tragus, but a lot of people choose needle is an ideal choice to do. If you want to know how to do that, just follow this article.

A proper needle will be chosen first. Make sure you checked the date and integrated one before let your professional work for you. Your piercer will put pressure and press through your tragus, then keep it about 10 minutes more.

Does it hurt?

Frequently, we use a pain scale to measure level or characteristic of pain. VAS pain scale was used with a score from 0 to 10 that 0 means no pain and 10 stands for severe pain. The tragus piercing is around 3 to 4 score of the pain scale. Many persons mention about 3 or mild discomfort when were asked about that. Therefore, you just relax and hear a popping sound, then you are finished.

Is it harmful?

Tragus piercing as other parts piercing may be suffered from many risks if it hasn’t cared carefully. You can stab in ears, lips, umbilicus, tongues or any parts you want. However, you should consider some troubles you will run into after that. When deciding to do with tragus piercing, you may have a risk to face some difficulties including:

  • Allergy: wearing jewelry such as which one made of nickel, which brings allergic side effect into you.
  • Infection in the site: tragus piercing infection can manifest by redness, discomfort, swelling and discharge with or without pus or odor.
  • Transmitted diseases: you may suffer from some bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even HIV if you aren’t done with clear equipment which can infect with infected blood.
  • Leaving scar or trauma: it is easy for your piercer to give a scar or piercing area develop injury as a stitch.

Are you ready to do tragus piercing?

People always believe that when getting older or mature, you tend to decide something more perspicacious. However, you are sometimes influenced by alcohol or drugs and decide something inappropriate. Therefore, don’t make yourself be under pressure or something like alcohol or drugs, which makes you have a piercing.

Make sure you be done with a safe way

  • Who is your reamer? Make sure that you have to choose a professional who was trained to do piercing for you. Don’t try to have a tragus piercing or other piercing by yourself or anybody who was not qualified to do that. That is dangerous for you.
  • Your piercer has to wash the hands and to use a fresh and disposable pair of gloves when applying for each piercing.
  • If he or she chooses needle to make your tragus piercing, make sure needle is clean and sterilized.

How to take care of the piercing?

In some first days, the site around your piercing will undergo some usual signs including moderate pain, redness, mildly warm and a few discharge without pus or odor. If you feel you have something unusual, ask your piercer to find out which problem. Typically, having a good looking after of your new piercing can avoid infecting and help skin healing well:

  • Do piercing hygiene: wash your piercing with mild soap and water two or three times a day. Remember clean your hands first, then applying for your piercing after that. Cleaning with normal saline or sea salt water should be maintained at least three to four first weeks after the piercer did the tragus piercing for you. Don’t use some products which can destroy the healing process of your piercing such as alcohol, bacitracin or even ear care solutions.
  • Keep off swimming: try to keep your piercing out of swimming such as rivers, lakes or swimming pools.
  • Immobile your piercing: your hands can bring bacteria if you touch your hands without washing meaning you are transferring bacteria to the piercing site. This site may put off healing process and get an infection. Just touch when your hands are rubbed carefully.
  • Apply a warm compress: you can use a warm cover to put on this site for 5-10 minutes. This way helps to promote healing process.
  • Medical product: ask your piecer when your wound has some signs or symptoms of infection. Your reamer maybe recommends you a mild antibacterial cream, for example, benzalkonium chloride to apply for the piercing. You can dilute this cream with a few water which can utilize easier.

When will you need to have appointment with doctor?

Tell your medical staff if you have any of these signs or symptoms such as feel more uncomfortable, lose or decrease your sensation in this piercing site, experience numbness or tingling, severe pain, discharge with pus or blood or even your piercing site change to pale, cool.

How to loosen your tragus piercing?

If you wonder how to move out the tragus piercing, you can ask your piercer first. However, if you want to do by yourself, you have to:

  • Wash your hands first before doing this procedure
  • Explore the jewelry and take away skin from jewelry

Do you still think having a tragus piercing is so cool and fashion? However, if you are just thinking about it, please, ask the piercer first, because you may run into many side effects like the infection when having a tragus piercing. If having an infection, you need to take a look very often. Then, you can find out any worse changes to contact your doctor.