WhatsApp stories – amazing whatsapp feature

What is WhatsApp status?

After the popularity of snapchat, WhatsApp released WhatsApp status feature to give the same feature like snapchat to WhatsApp users. Whatsapp’s new status let you post temporary videos and images to your status timeline. This will give you the ability to share your daily life with your family and friends.  There are lots of other users of this whatsapp status so you are getting things done on their own.

Last month whatsapp announced that they have already crossed 450 million of daily visitors of whatsapp status. Until that day, snapchat is having only 250 million users. So whatsapp is already beating snapchat on their own game. Along with short videos and 30-second Bollywood songs clips, you can also share GIF images along with other supported formats. This status story remains available for your whatsapp contacts for next 24 hours and then disappearances. You can also see who has watched or browsed your stories with a number of total views.

You can get that information from just a single tap on eye icon on your story. 

How WhatsApp differs from snapchat?

whatsapp status is the clone of snapchat but still, it lakes of some features like cool camera effects and lenses you will get with snapchat that is not available in WhatsApp. You will get basic camera features and edit with some emojis and texts. That way, snapchat is far ahead, but I think WhatsApp will not release that type of effects to make the app lite. facebook which is the parent company of whatsapp is already had same features and effects on messenger and Instagram so you may not need that in whatsapp.

 How the biggest market, India using WhatsApp status?

There is the very large user base of WhatsApp in India. People from India loved this new feature as they are not much aware of snapchat. And it is difficult to them for the switch to snapchat where WhatsApp becomes a compulsory app in mobile. People in India mostly sharing WhatsApp social images with some Bollywood song clips. They express feelings with WhatsApp status videos. You can get WhatsApp status video from different mobile apps and websites where they let you download free short Bollywood songs clips and funny videos. 

Some cool features of WhatsApp status.

You can easily download anyone’s WhatsApp status or posted videos with WhatsApp status downloader apps. It is really simple. When you check any whatsapp status of your friend or family, WhatsApp first downloads it to mobile’s storage and then display it. But it is invisible in the mobile gallery so you will not find it. If you use any third party app for this download, that app will simply fetch images from that already stored folder.

You can see who has seen your story from the eye icon given on your story. This will give you list of friends or contacts that viewed your posted story or status.

The interesting thing about status is that people who saved your number and whose number is saved on your device will only see the story. No any person with only your number will able to see the story unlike the WhatsApp DP or text status.

You can also set privacy while sharing WhatsApp status. Like if you want to share your story with limited people only then you can set and select the contacts you want to share with. Or, another way, if you want to exclude any content from your story visibility, you can also do that.